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12 responses to “The Many Faces of Submission”

  1. kelly

    i love that analogy… i think it describes the differences quite well.

    Of all the things i have learned in this journey, the foremost (aside from the personal M/s stuff of course) is that labels seem much desired in the community in general but become meaningless at the level of the individual.

    my slavery is different from many (many many) of my friends’ definitions. i am so tired, frankly, of others who claim that their definition of slavery is the correct one or the best one… it’s just not that simple. i am also tired of other slaves telling me that Master is abusing me (He most certainly is NOT) simply because the activities Wwe undertake surpass that other slave’s limits.

    Guess i needed to vent, LOL! The bottom line for me is that however you define yourself, make sure it is a TRUE definition for you and label yourself with the closest generic approximation for the benefit of the community. But never, ever, ever, assume that your definition is the best or the most true to the lifestyle… the lifestyle is what We make of it… and our primary creation should be a community of tolerance and open-mindedness.

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  4. brian

    Interesting post.

    I had a slave recently. She did not really start that way, at first she was just a submissive but as we went on she turned into more and more of a slave.

    I always wanted this.

    But after awhile I became bored. She was nothing to me but a coffee table…literally. We broke up. Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.
    .-= brian´s last blog ..Enjoy Every Sandwich =-.

  5. Deluchu

    Nothing wrong with that. If a person doesnt like being discarded when you are bored with them, they probably werent super commited to being full slaves.

    on another note, my thingy isnt on this list~ but then im an aberration! Im extremely happy being humiliated and cross dressing, though i find actual sex to be tedious and rather pointless. Instead, I delight in being kept constantly aroused. Damned orgasms ruin everything >_<

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  7. Angel

    I completely agree with you!!

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  9. Jessica

    The slave appeals the most to me, and I am scared of what that means! I feel energetically alive, emotionally drawn to it, and a strong desire for it. But if my mind steps in, it is incredulous. Like, don’t I need to have a life? I am new to this, and fascinated by how my body responds to what I am reading.

    But I am scared because the partner who introduced me to this to begin with committed to me and began talking about training me over several weeks… but then had very rough sex with me, shut down emotionally and withdrew, and told me our relationship was over. I was left with some pretty icky energetic debris (I work with energy healing) and complete emotional devastation. I was actually re-traumatized from rape I experienced decades ago and spent a few days in complete fear of all men. I figured I went into things too quickly and was unsafe.

    I am worried that my desires are leading me in this direction, because how can I navigate this realm and enjoy submission and prevent another horrible occurrence like the one I just had? How can I know what is too much, since it is completely outside any “normal” concept of morality or social interaction (not that normal is a good guide anyway, but at least it is standard)? Maybe it is most important to establish a strong foundation of friendship, trust, and love before even opening the sexual door.

  10. GreenEyedDeviant

    Great article. Some of it hits home, some of it I’m not quite sure I agree. But doesn’t all submission/surrender start in the mind regardless of why or who you are submitting or surrendering to? Or is it not mental?

  11. Cozco

    Re: the many faces of submission/glass of water analogy: what about people who don’t care to drink water? Where do they fit in?

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