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29 responses to “Where to Buy a Collar Online”

  1. Opal

    You can also get some really beautiful handmade collars at Serenity in Chains ( They make some absolutely stunning day collars that are really discreet. I wear mine to work all the time (I work in an office), and I get tons of compliments on my ‘pretty necklace’. the lock just looks like a pendant, so no one questions it.

    Also, they do custom collars too. We ended up having a play collar made by them. It was everything we wanted, and they were really easy to work with. We couldn’t have been happier.

  2. April

    You can also buy some really cool steel plated daytime collars from Elite Collars ( They’re really discrete (wear mine to work all the time and no one’s noticed it) as it looks like a necklace and have a really cool lock that can only be opened by a key. They also make matching bracelets as well!

  3. avery has really nice stainless steel collars. they have a lot of different sizes so you can get one that fits just right

  4. John

    If you’re seeking a high quality, classy, and very well made Day Collar or Everyday Collar you need to check out TOBEHIS.COM. They are the best! Totally hand made and they really take pride in their work. I would say the are the Tiffany’s of the BDSM community and have items found no where else in the world. They are the only company to offer mini and micro padlocks in solid sterling silver as well as solid 14K gold. They even have the smallest locking mechanism (Master’s Security Clasp) in sterling that was designed and engineered specifically for the BDSM community. Their items are top quality and they have something for every budget. Check them out, you will be glad you did. No other similar store can compare. Seriously…

  5. John

    I forgot to mention that ToBeHis has the only solid 316L surgical stainless steel Mini and Micro Heart lock available in the world! We were blown away when we saw their classy, tremendously well made products. It is clear they take what they do seriously. They have the only truly hypoallergenic locks and products. Our collar and lock are so amazing that we just want everyone else to know. Their customer service was the best we’ve ever seen.

  6. Jules

    I bought mine from a place that sells high end custom leather dog collars. I was able to add on spikes and my name to and its thick and very comfortable and very strong for those rough times ;) I know its a dog collar but they are made so well.

  7. Jasmine

    I’m looking for a company that does humans collars 21 inches and bigger please and thank you

  8. Victoria of ToBeHis

    Hello! My name is Victoria and I am the owner and creator of the ToBeHis luxury Day Collar company. I am most widely known as the creator of the sterling silver, stainless steel and gold locks. I custom make each of my pieces made to order and I can make you any of my 300+ pieces in any size you need. So if you want a 24/7 wearable collar and lock (no more need to hassle with nickel plated ones) then we would would be a great fit for you!


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