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42 responses to “Daddy/Little Girl Relationships: A Personal Look”

  1. Catarina Lumbard

    I love this and all the comments…

    I have been looking for a Daddy for awhile now…

    Not just online though…I want it to go into real life…I want to be his fully – live with him be with him…live together…I know things take time and the core of this whole dynamic is the trust itself…but I am finding that I want/need a Daddy in the same zip code or at least county/state…and reading all these posts is making me sad ;(

    I hope to find a Daddy and soon…

    1. anthony j

      I feel the same as you, but i’m wanting a baby girl to take care of… i’m29 and just got out of the marine corp. was injured overseas so now that i’m home and have the time to do what i want i have been looking. but its so hard to find another baby girl….its not something you can easily bring up in a conversation much less a new date so my luck has been really bad. ive posted online some but still no luck. if you know of any decent sites for ppl like us that can hlp pls let me know… thank you

      1. babygirllexie

        Its not easy finding a daddy either…. you have the advantage of being over twenty one so if you find a site for daddy’s you should be OK… I’ve found there are more sites for baby girls/boys but you have to be twenty one… I hope you find a baby girl soon though..

  2. Debbie

    Just a thought on the splinter deal…let your Daddy know that if He ices the sore spot it won’t hurt near as much. :) Used to deal with my sister’s splinters. I am also little girl and slave 24/7…though I have not been blessed with Daddy’s collar as yet…I do wear the symbol of His house…But I love Him with every fiber of my being. Until I met Daddy I didn’t realize I was incomplete. Once I did I discovered my little side…I have actually been able to pinpoint my little’s age also…I have a 5 year old that lives in my head at all times…makes me a good preschool teacher. It is so freeing having this understanding about myself and thanks to Daddy I have that freedom…the freedom to be His.

  3. Jorie

    I am also a baby girl. I have found my Daddy who I love very much. Although we don’t live together yet we are hoping to in the near furture. We see each other often and text constantly. We are blood oathed and I will soon be taking his mark. Being a baby girl is the best!

  4. aurorabellexox

    I feel like a babygirl submissive is what I am. This relationship dynamic does seem like it’d be ideal for me!

  5. Samantha

    Reading things like this make me miss my Daddy now that he’s gone. I hope that one day I’ll find another one to make me just as happy as yours makes you.

  6. lina

    I think I have finally found what I was looking for. I’ve recently started to have urges for a Daddy… I’ve always acted like a little child, it helps me deal with my emotions. Reading this made me cry realizing what I’m missing. I hope I find my Daddy soon…

  7. Little Miss K

    I enjoyed reading this post and all of the feedback comments. I have found a great website (fetlife) to further explore the D/l relationship I have with Daddy. There are many group discussions that are beneficial and you can seek out a partner on here as well. Tumblr can also be a good place to explore and connect with others that appreciate this lifestyle.

  8. sarah

    I cried so hard through that entire post. Ive always known I’m more of a little girl than anything. I’ve been in a d/s relationship before but I never liked how mean and uncaring he seemed to be. And when i told him I’d kind of like to be treated like a little girl I don’t think he liked it much :(
    I didnt actually know it was a real kink til.. well today.
    Wherever he is, I need my daddy. I have no idea how to find him though.I’ll be waiting though.

  9. Baby

    I absolutely adore this.
    It took me a long time to find the right description for my submissive character. I’m not a slave and, I’m much more than just a submissive.
    I met my current Daddy almost two months ago. We had discussed our mutual interest in BDSM a few times before we entered a “vanilla” relationship. Not too far after we were talking about it again. He basically said I was to be his sub. When I asked what he would prefer I call him- Master, Sir, Daddy, ECT. He replied back saying Daddy.
    That excited me. I’m not sure if he realizes I’m a little yet. But I plan on telling him when I see him next.
    It is really hard to establish yourself as a little because, it is kind of a rare dynamic and it’s rarely talked about. But I’m going to try to bring it up to him.

  10. Lin

    What do you mean daddy’s mark?

  11. cinnamon girl

    Ive always thought of myself as a babygirl since I learned about D/s lifestyle for more then ten years up until recently when I was pointed in the direction that im not just a babygirl but im also a little im not sure what my little age is and whenever someone asks and I say I don’t know they get upset and tell me I need to figure it out . I know I talk like im younger at times even around my family I sleep with teddy bears and still suck my thumb I color im always trying to get people to be proud of me. I get scared easily. I absolutely know im not into diapers but I used to have a special cup I drank from not a sippie cup but a cup with a straw I watch cartoons I get silly .I need to be reassured that im good at things can anyone help me figure out if I need to know what age my little is or how to figure it out thank you for your time

  12. MyCher

    I met my Dom/Master and now Daddy in late July, 2014 through a regular dating site not fully understanding his profile description, but one realizing how much he revealed about himself in his description. He said from our first date that I would be a good sub from me talking about myself and my life with my deceased husband of 27 years that passed away 3 years ago from cancer. I have been married twice (to brothers – first the baby for 5 years and then 27 with the oldest brother) and I was the aggressive one in both relationships, however, my top priority was to please my partner more than please myself which makes me a good sub / slave. We have only started Daddy/lil girl once online – and we both enjoyed it so far and look forward to being together soon to act it out for real. It floods me with memories of my father passing away at the age of 31 in 1966 when I had just turned 9 years old and my two sisters and I were raised by a mother who was not nurturing in nature (I loved my Mother deeply and lost her in 2000 at the age of 64). I’m becoming a NEW me and I don’t miss the OLD me at all – when I decided to finally move forward with my life I had looked at myself honestly and the biggest thing that I wanted to change was I no longer wanted to be the “lead” in my life anymore – I was tired mentally of always being in control! My Master/Dom/Daddy wants to be “in charge” and I willingly give up that part of me without hesitation or regret! You must be true to yourself and stand up for yourself because no one else can speak for you – to thine self be true always!

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