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40 responses to “Daddy/Little Girl Relationships: A Personal Look”

  1. HG

    First of all thank you all for sharing, all were honest and heart felt and I appreciate the sincerity. I am new and considering a D/lg – M/s relationship. I do not have a partner at this point.

    If you all will permit me; I’d like to share some thoughts and hear what some of you living the lifestyle think. Being new I am coming at this from a blank slate. One thing that stood out in all I’ve read is a connection to some of the biological male/female roles; with May’s exception. Strength, safety, comfort, etc. I embrace this, I naturally and confidently strive to provide a safe and secure environment with all my m/f relationships whether it be friends, family or romantic.

    I sincerely enjoyed hearing Melly’s story about her reading her assignment; the emotions she felt. My natural response was a feeling of wanting to re-assure and comfort. At this point I do not feel the need to be called master or daddy, but loved how she called her Daddy for the first time. It was genuine, spontaneous, and real and I know that if in a similar situation would have felt wonderful hearing that.

    For me, creating a relationship where my partner knows that our connection and trust are impenetrable and thus; she feels free to express her little or sub desires would be my ultimate goal.

    I find I am very attracted to the innocence and enthusiasm of youthfulness. I have used the “little girl” name with feeling and passion in past relationships and enjoyed it very much.

    I feel that I have the basics qualities and desires to genuinely live this lifestyle. While searching for understanding of my own truths and someone I can grow with, I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Lily Parker

    i have just entered a daddy dom relationship and in all honesty i was wary at first. Never have i been so ignorant to a beautiful way of life. I am a business/workaholic and have my fair authority at the workplace, so when i get home and i feel the other side of it, its special. To be so loved, but nervous and also elated when i have pleased him is just wonderful. To be punished when i make a mistake but then praised when i do something good for daddy is just an un-describable feeling. the sense of the unknown i think is the key and to anyone that might read these articles and be ignorant like i was at first until i said daddy for the first time and felt the connection, remember variety is the spice of life. And this is the life for me.

  3. babygirlNikki

    i just got in a Daddy/little girl relationship and i never felt this happy. Daddy takes care of me so much and always remind me that He never wants me to be hurt. i can always feel the concern Daddy gives. though He is a Master, He tried this D/lg relationship for me and i will always be grateful for that. :D

  4. Lil_Lost

    Every one here seems to have such great connecting, trusting relationships with their “Daddies’..

    My experience started out slower then most. Started dating a guy (who was to become my daddy) when he admitted he liked being called daddy in bed.. Then as the months went on he told me about his fantasy about becoming some ones ‘real’ daddy. I thought about it, we discussed it and we slowly allowed it to filter into our relationship. And after a while i was offically his ‘Princess’ and he was my Daddy’

    It worked well for 2.5 years. He took me on trips, taught me to snow board, he would cook dinner for me every night I saw him. He would tuck me into bed, he would text me all the time to make sure I was ok and being good. He would put movies on that would cheer me up when I was sad, and took extra care of me when I was unwell….He would make me food even tho I wouldn’t eat it when I was sick. He would make me HUGE bubble baths, let me pick flowers, do magic for me, let me hold onto his necklace around his neck for comfort. He would teach me to play video games and wouldn’t get mad when I got him killed or couldn’t control my character. His BIG bed was my safe spot…I would hide under his doona if i was having terrible time…and he would always come in and hug me. I let him consume me, protect me and be my hero….

    Then we drifted apart….and broke up…..

    Even though we weren’t together we saw each other often….then deciding after 5 months apart that we missed each other and wanted to get back together… So we went back to dating and doing the small stuff 1st…..1 month in….

    ….Then disaster struck….

    She moved in…. A new flat mate into his house (1 of 3)…..I met her after she had been in the house exactly 1 week. (I was at his house, because i had hurt my head after fainting and he was looking after me) She seemed ok. She saw me sitting in his lap playing silly buggers on his ipad that day. That night after driving me home and dropping me off, they decided to get drunk at his place (now her home too) and then slept together…. then 2 days later on the Monday he TEXTS me and says his met some one and his in love and wants to be with her….and admits its his new flat mate…

    I was out and she was in…

    I can’t begin explain the utter hurt and heart break I got from this.. All of a sudden the person who was ‘my world, my protector’ was gone….. My safe spot was now some one else’s. My heart didn’t break…It shattered into a million little pieces…I couldn’t eat or sleep…..Everything i knew was gone….and I was expected to pick up the pieces and move on while he was playing happy families with his new g/f

    The hard part is I can’t tell any one why I am so hurt…They will not understand the relationship we had with out throwing in judgement. So I have had to keep it all bottled up inside… This is far more painful then ANY break up I have ever been in.. He claims that he has done nothing wrong…..we were not technically ‘together’

    I ended up in therapy to help me over come all my pain and hurt. I cried every session for the first 2 months. My therapist is great and is helping me to get my life back together… I don’t think I could ever do another Daddy/Lil Girl again….The pain of it ending is just tooo great…And I only recently found out he never loved me…EVER in that 2.5 years…. He only ever loved the ‘Princess’ side of me… That crushed the last remaining part of my soul…. The ‘Daddy’ fantasy…ruined and gone forever now….

    Its hard and every now and then i have fleeting moments of missing him….but now I just hate him…. Coz he made me feel like I was nothing and that I never was anything but that….

  5. Daddy's little girl always

    My daddy’s 19 and I want him to stay with me no matter what. He says Thers another girl he wants to marry someday. But he is MY daddy and I’m his little princess. Anything. I can do to get him to stay, or how to make him I’ve his little girl to the point he can’t leave? I’d do anything to keep my daddy. And I’m new to this. help me.. Please..

  6. lunaKM

    You can’t force someone to feel differently than they do without resentment and hatred later. It really does sound like you need to do a little detachment and understand that he probably doesn’t feel the same that you do if he wants to marry someone else.

  7. Greg Coral

    This is I’m response to Lil_Lost’s February 22 posting. I can’t even begin to fathom how much that must have, and probably still does, hurt. Your post made me hurt for you. I can’t imagine ever abandoning my little girl. I even exercise, eat healthy and all that stuff just so I will hopefully live longer to be with her. I never want her to feel the heartbreak you did. My heart hurts for you.

    I am so sorry he took advantage of you like that. It almost seems like child abuse/ abandonment because you loved and trusted him as a child and he took what he wanted then abandoned you. You should consider researching how people cope with child abuse/ abandonment issues. I think you may be surprised at how much you would identify with people that have been through that, and how much that may help you with your grief and hopefully will eventually help you heal.

    I sincerely hope your heart heals with only the tiniest of scars, and when it does you feel safe enough to love and be loved fully again. Please don’t give up on who you are because of someone else. I guarantee there is someone out there that longs, no, absolutely needs, to give you what you most need and desire. Grieve, heal and love again. Because you absolutely deserve to be truly loved, cherished and outrageously happy.

  8. Catarina Lumbard

    I love this and all the comments…

    I have been looking for a Daddy for awhile now…

    Not just online though…I want it to go into real life…I want to be his fully – live with him be with him…live together…I know things take time and the core of this whole dynamic is the trust itself…but I am finding that I want/need a Daddy in the same zip code or at least county/state…and reading all these posts is making me sad ;(

    I hope to find a Daddy and soon…

  9. lil _lost

    Dear Greg

    Thank you for you very kind words.. They really meant alot to me. It has definitely been a hard few months. But knowing there are others who understand the right type of pain I’m in, and able to talk about it helps.

    I still see some one on a regular basis to help me, this has helped me HUGELY.

    I’m nearly at the point in my healing where I’m glad the rotten lil troll moved in. She can have him. And she will find out the hard way that his really not all that nice and caring. And she has no other place to escape to as she lives with him.

    So I’m very slowly moving onwards and upwards.. Whether my next relationship is a daddy one or not, only time will tell. I think within myself I need a break from it.

    Again thank you so much for your kind words, they really and truly helped. Your ‘little’ is lucky to have some who cares so much for her. I wish you both all the happiness in the world (with added cupcakes as a bonus, coz lets face it cupcakes make the world go ’round)

    A more happier, content and almost healed Lil_Lost

  10. Debbie

    Just a thought on the splinter deal…let your Daddy know that if He ices the sore spot it won’t hurt near as much. :) Used to deal with my sister’s splinters. I am also little girl and slave 24/7…though I have not been blessed with Daddy’s collar as yet…I do wear the symbol of His house…But I love Him with every fiber of my being. Until I met Daddy I didn’t realize I was incomplete. Once I did I discovered my little side…I have actually been able to pinpoint my little’s age also…I have a 5 year old that lives in my head at all times…makes me a good preschool teacher. It is so freeing having this understanding about myself and thanks to Daddy I have that freedom…the freedom to be His.

  11. Jorie

    I am also a baby girl. I have found my Daddy who I love very much. Although we don’t live together yet we are hoping to in the near furture. We see each other often and text constantly. We are blood oathed and I will soon be taking his mark. Being a baby girl is the best!

  12. aurorabellexox

    I feel like a babygirl submissive is what I am. This relationship dynamic does seem like it’d be ideal for me!

  13. Samantha

    Reading things like this make me miss my Daddy now that he’s gone. I hope that one day I’ll find another one to make me just as happy as yours makes you.

  14. anthony j

    I feel the same as you, but i’m wanting a baby girl to take care of… i’m29 and just got out of the marine corp. was injured overseas so now that i’m home and have the time to do what i want i have been looking. but its so hard to find another baby girl….its not something you can easily bring up in a conversation much less a new date so my luck has been really bad. ive posted online some but still no luck. if you know of any decent sites for ppl like us that can hlp pls let me know… thank you

  15. babygirllexie

    Its not easy finding a daddy either…. you have the advantage of being over twenty one so if you find a site for daddy’s you should be OK… I’ve found there are more sites for baby girls/boys but you have to be twenty one… I hope you find a baby girl soon though..

  16. lina

    I think I have finally found what I was looking for. I’ve recently started to have urges for a Daddy… I’ve always acted like a little child, it helps me deal with my emotions. Reading this made me cry realizing what I’m missing. I hope I find my Daddy soon…

  17. Little Miss K

    I enjoyed reading this post and all of the feedback comments. I have found a great website (fetlife) to further explore the D/l relationship I have with Daddy. There are many group discussions that are beneficial and you can seek out a partner on here as well. Tumblr can also be a good place to explore and connect with others that appreciate this lifestyle.

  18. sarah

    I cried so hard through that entire post. Ive always known I’m more of a little girl than anything. I’ve been in a d/s relationship before but I never liked how mean and uncaring he seemed to be. And when i told him I’d kind of like to be treated like a little girl I don’t think he liked it much :(
    I didnt actually know it was a real kink til.. well today.
    Wherever he is, I need my daddy. I have no idea how to find him though.I’ll be waiting though.

  19. Baby

    I absolutely adore this.
    It took me a long time to find the right description for my submissive character. I’m not a slave and, I’m much more than just a submissive.
    I met my current Daddy almost two months ago. We had discussed our mutual interest in BDSM a few times before we entered a “vanilla” relationship. Not too far after we were talking about it again. He basically said I was to be his sub. When I asked what he would prefer I call him- Master, Sir, Daddy, ECT. He replied back saying Daddy.
    That excited me. I’m not sure if he realizes I’m a little yet. But I plan on telling him when I see him next.
    It is really hard to establish yourself as a little because, it is kind of a rare dynamic and it’s rarely talked about. But I’m going to try to bring it up to him.

  20. Lin

    What do you mean daddy’s mark?

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