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3 responses to “Create a Daily Cleaning Routine That Works”

  1. Clanbear's Becca

    I don’t know if Mary Hunt plagerized the Slob Sisters or if the Slob Sisters plagerized Mary hunt, but the first time I saw mention of these things was in the book Sidetracked home executives. THe sisters were talking about things they use to do before they became organized. It wasn’t meant to be a recommendation. It was meant to encourage you not to do those things, but to actually become organized so that you could have a fresh baked pie in the oven when company arrived and not have to worry about how the house looked. Grab and Stash isn’t a good plan for anyone. It ultimatly just makes the mess harder to manage because when you aren’t a Born Organized person you just leave things where you stashed them and only go back to deal with it when you need something you stashed and cant find it.

    If you are serious about getting your house clean and keeping it clean, I highly recommend or the books written by the Slob Sisters Pam Young and Peggy Jones

  2. kahlanas

    The essential thing about any good cleaning routine is to have proper tools. Also learn what items from your kitchen like vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda can do to help you clean up fast. The other thing you need if you have more than just you living in your house is an agreement from everyone living there that if they dont like seeing you get upset they need to pick up their stuff immediately. A clean sweep at night just before bed makes the house wonderful to wake up to.

    A great site for those looking to get serious about their routines and getting things in order is
    That one’s for those of you who are SERIOUSLY serious about getting organized. I’m not that good and usually end up kicking everyone out of the house for several hours and then going like crazy until its all done and its safe for them to come back =D and in a few weeks doing it again lol

  3. Grace

    I live in a relatively big house (175 m, 6 rooms). Husband/Master, two children and a huge dog :-)
    I came to the conclusion that a weekend clean-up is hardly possible in this case (just takes too long and I end up totally exhausted), so I use the “projects” technique. Every day I choose one thing to do, but everywhere in the house, like cleaning the mirrors. I go to every room and bathroom and clean mirrors, TVs and PC screens, glass surfaces (like the coffee table). You don’t spend much time every day, but the house is pretty clean.

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