Hello, my name is kelli, I am in a dd relationship that would be 24/7 I have been learning about being submissive for about a year now as we have started a year ago and it was on and off until now :). Love ur site ur help and thoughtfullness to help others such as myself. well I do have tons of questions ill start with the most recent, yesterday as many other days I was to be spanked for my behaviour (another issue my control, temper,and anger) we started out as we usually do me on the edge of the bed arms out head and chest on bed ass in air. during my session he paused to do something yeah grap my hair brush off my dresser. I have had the belt his hands but never that. here is where i need help. I cant help but move even with the belt at times I will move out of position because it hurts even to the point to where I I will kick up one foot, roll on my side or drop to a laying position. I have never been spanked up til now he never made me cry during one until yesterday? during the last ten he had me count and use sir after each one. because I kept putting my hand back there and that was after several warnings(sigh) what do I need to do? I know I deserved it, I even asked for it? please help thanks kelli

Greetings Kelli,

These type of rebellions are going to happen especially when new things are introduced in which you are not prepared for, or don’t like but you can resolve them. In my opinion the issue here is more about if this is what you want as you say you do, and then you have to put yourself into that mindset. He can’t force you into this mindset regardless of how much he punishes you. You have to make this choice. Pain you can push out of your mind and you do this by focusing on something in front of you. You can even ask him to help you to accept your punishment gracefully by giving you a focus point. Then, once you have your visual focus point, focus upon what he says. Some Dom’s like their submissives to fight back, but if he is not such a Dom then it would be in your best interest to either respect and learn what he wants you to do, or accept your punishments with grace. These things take time and practice but you can do it, if this is what you want. As for the anger issues and temper, work upon one thing at a time.

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