The multitude of essays and articles and blog posts I go through when I'm researching a topic rarely get shared with all of you, but no more. I'm opening up my research pages and sharing with you my searches for content on a specific topic so that you too can make your own opinions and pick up information that I may not have shared with you. I recommend you visit the ones you are drawn to and leave comments in places that you can. Share the love.

This month I'm listing all the interesting pieces I've seen on Sub Drop. If you don't know what sub drop is, feel free to read the essay I have here on the emotional side of the subject.  And these following links will provide some more interesting reading!

Sub Drop on

An excerpt from the book “Owned – Reflections of a Submissive”

How to Survive Sub Drop After that Kinky Scene Last Week

Sub Drop from slave kara

Cop Performs Subdrop Aftercare (blog on

Sub Drop by Nahdia

Dom and Sub Drop by Ticklepedia

Altered States of Mind

Finding Out The Hard Way

Sub Drop on Satin and Lace

Sub Drop on the discussion board Upturned Bottoms

Sub Drop from morningstar

Archive for Sub Drop on Scarlett Bottom

Dealing with sub/slave drop

Drop and Aftercare, A Discussion

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