Today I'm bringing together the resources I've collected about male submission and Female-led relationships. Much of what I found was porn, so it is needless to say that there is very little of substance about this topic. I appreciate that fuzzyP writes about it for Submissive Guide and look to any other male submissives who have a desire to share their experience with us to come forward and email me.

I've pulled together information from many different sources so you will see the varying beauty that is male submission.

Websites and Articles

Celebrate Male Submission FAQ

- This is a subsite of a porn site, believe it or not. It has several very interesting essays about basic BDSM questions as well as many activities geared to male submissives and male play partners. They have a lovely male sexuality section that has some fascinating articles written by David Sebringsil.

Male Submission, Evolution and Enslavement

- An essay on Internal about the difference in popularity male submission is compared to female submission.

Female Led Relationships

- A blog with F/m art and commentary on male submission and female dominance.

The Devaluation of Male Submission

- An article about the fact that male submissives aren't really a dime a dozen and that their value has decreased by the influx of wannabees and fakes.

Chastity and the Male Submissive

- A decent beginner's guide about chastity on men.

Around Her Finger

- A site dedicated to the interest of a husband willingly submitting to his wife.

The Value of a Male Submissive

- From Good Vibrations Magazine, a lovely ode to a Domme's boy.

Out of the Shadows: How Does a Novice Male Submissive Get Started?

- a Q&A from a novice male submissive to the author about getting into the scene and into a relationship.


Around Her Finger

- A book based on the website listed above. It is an entertaining and practical guide to relationships that offers something for everyone. Women will get more attention and affection from the men in their lives. Men will get a new level of sexual energy in their relationship.

The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance

- After nearly a decade this underground classic is back. Everything you need to turn your partner into an obedient, devoted and very happy helpmate.


Erotic Powerplay on Female Dominance

Erotic Powerplay, Sara Kira on Female Dominance, part 1 -

Erotic Powerplay, Sara Kira on Female Dominance, part 2 -

Digital Documents

A Primer on Male Submission - This is not what is advertised in the title, but a list of activities male submissives generally engage in during play.

Female Domination, an exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority - Over 250 pages of information on male submission. It's an amazing read!

FetLife Groups

Do you know of any active male submissive groups? Let me know in the comments and I'll add them!