I’m involved in the kink community and recently have become interested in the Leather community, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to learn much about it on my own and I don’t see any of my Leather friends regularly (I live pretty far from the munches they go to). Do you know of any 101 type Leather resources or blogs devoted to Leather? (I mean Leather as in the tight-knit community and not the fetish)

The best place for information related to Leather Lifestyle is the National Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, Illinois. You can browse their website and learn what they have to offer you as far as the history of Leather, who participates now, from the Gay and Hetero communities and so much more.

Leather Archives and Museum

Here’s a great primer article from the Society of Janus about the origin of the term, “Ask Janus: Kink, BDSM and Leather - Which is It?”

And now for a decent short list:

Leatherati  ( www.leatherati.com) – The leather community lifestyle blog for all of your favorite leather people, events and news.

The Leather Journal  (http://www.theleatherjournal.com/) - This website is meant to be viewed by consenting adults who wish to learn about the Leather/BDSM/Fetish lifestyle and/or to contact clubs, organizations, and businesses related to the Leather/BDSM/Fetish lifestyle.

The LeatherView   ( http://www.leatherviews.com)  Jack Rinella’s home pages, full of information for kinky people and those who want to be.

Enjoy your exploration into Leather History!