I want to hear what your relationship is like! In December (edit: no deadline, ongoing series) I will be running a series of your posts telling us what a typical day is like in service to your Dominant. Every one of you is welcome to write a post. Your submissive life is just as interesting as everyone else. From online only to casual play partners, long distance relationships to every kind of face to face and live in relationship. I want to hear them all!

Here's the information:

  1. Your post must be at least 500 words and be written in your voice (this is the

    only time

    I'll allow 3rd person and slash speak if that is in your personal dynamic rules).
  2. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling.
  3. I reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, and understanding.
  4. You must include a short bio of 3-5 sentences at the end of your post with at least one way people can find you online. This can be an email address, website profile, blog/site or social network.
  5. Email your post submissions to subguide@gmail.com.

I'll do my best to continue to remind you to submit your posts in the Weekend Reflections and Newsletter.