There is a sense of rightness to the act of kneeling before one's Master, a serene feeling of belonging and worship that is unique and special to each dynamic but what's a girl to do when she can't kneel? How else can you get that same sense of peace and connection? As someone with 2 bad knees, who requires assistance to get back up when she finally manages to get on her knees, I've been dealing with this issue for quite some time and have come up with a few alternatives to share with you.

The Cushion

Most submissives already have a "slave mat" or another form of cushioning for sitting on the floor, if they are lucky enough to be allowed one. For myself, Master purchased me a large doggie bed from the local pet store that is very soft. However, these things often lose their fluffiness after some time or you may just want a better support from your cushion, to begin with. Here's what you do:

  • Go to Google search (Google being my most favorite search engine) and type in "Twin Memory Foam Topper"
  • In the top left of your screen, you will see additional links titled Images, Videos, Maps, News, SHOPPING etc, click on Shopping
  • Search through the listed sites for the best deal from the place you're most comfortable with. For me, its Sam's Club, Amazon, Walmart or other familiar names, use your best discretion when ordering online.
  • Once you've selected and purchased your topper (twin being the smallest size they carry, I usually go with a 2" thick one) you can measure your cushion and cut out a template on construction paper
  • When your topper arrives, use your template to cut out sections of the topper (you can use more than one layer for extra thickness!)
  • REMEMBER! your topper needs to fit INSIDE your cushion so you should leave off 1/2 an inch for every layer you add.
  • Pick out the stitches on one side of your cushion and insert the layer(s) of memory foam, then simply restitch it all together!
  • If you're extra handy with a needle you can even add a zipper so if you need to change the memory foam at some point you have an easier time.

You can also use any extra fabric you have around the house such as old comfy t-shirts, sheets or blankets if you don't want to buy a cushion as well. Memory foam toppers can run from 30-50$ depending on thickness, just be sure to search for twin size ones as you won't need more than that!

Assume The Position

So now that we have a cushion to properly pad our body from the hard, cruel floors, what if that's not enough to ease painful knees into a kneeling position? Sometimes it's just a matter of extra pressure/weight on the knees that causes the pain, in which case I suggest either sitting back on your heels to take the pressure off or going into a deeper position, like a bow. With knees shoulder width apart, bum in the air and your forehead on the floor with your hands either in front of you or in the small of your back, depending on preference.

Kneeling this way is made easier with proper cushioning because let's face it, knee pads are just not sexy no matter how you dress them up! Which is also why I like for my cushions to be a bit bigger, large enough to accommodate at least half the length of my entire body. Again, the preference is up to you and your dominant.

Sit, Stand, Pray

I find it extremely painful to even get down to a kneeling position let alone maintain one for more than a few excruciating minutes, though I have done so at Master's discretion and He is always kind enough to offer me a hand back up. If you find yourself in this same situation there are plenty of alternatives and you can get quite imaginative with them too!

For meditation, I often use the Indian Style position and this can be added to if you wish to create a sense of discipline to it by simply using stress positions for the arms. Namely, place both hands flat on the back of your head with your elbows straight out to the sides and your chin up. Proper posture is important for this stress position to have an optimal effect and its one that I can attest to! The most I ever manage is 30 minutes before my arms begin to twitch and spasm.

Another favorite of mine (and Masters!) is lying face down on the floor, much like the Gorean position Bara, with your arms behind your back either folded or simply resting your hands in the small of your back, and your legs straight out - ankles crossed or open, depending on preference. Often this position is utilized as a disciplinary position and enforced by having my head under Master's chair or my body positioned so He might rest His bare feet on me if He so chooses while I fervently pray that the gritty feeling will fade, even though it never does lol.

Positional Ingenuity

In the end, it all boils down to your preferences, imagination, and ingenuity. What positions do you use? What are your favorites? Do you have any suggestions that you would like to share?