Whether you are a hard-core masochist or just a light explorer of sadomasochistic pain play there are always opportunies to experience more, push yourself harder and enhance your pain management techniques.

How you learn to do this, and the techniques you employ are unique from submissive to submissive (masochist to masochist) - however there are some basic principles and techniques that will get you well on your way.

Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned on the topic over the years:

Where to Start

Learning about Pain by Calliope - In this essay Calliope shares how she discovers her affinity to pain play from her first hesitations to learning to enjoy different types of consensual pain play.

Processing Pain and Being a Masochist

- This is my personal account of how I process pain and my initial exploration into pain tolerances and processing techniques.

Learning the Terms

Do I Have to Like Pain to Be Submissive? - I answer this question in a video post and written response. The short answer; no.

Masochism Chat Transcript

- This is a transcript of the conversation we held in the chat room about masochism.


Processing Pain in Play - This is a series of posts that walk you through the finer points of pain processing, understanding good pain and bad pain and learning processing techniques. It also briefly talks about overcoming pain limits.

When You Reach a Limit During Play

- If you hit the wall, what can you do about it?

Understanding Your Body's Responses During Play

- Ever wonder why you shiver, shake, cry or laugh during play? Pick up some understanding in this article.

Does Pain Tolerance Change Over Time?

by thisgirl - She covers a common question that many people ask with a personal perspective.

When Pain Isn't Your Calling

Submitting to Pain by nan{SL} - nan shares some techniques for playing with a Dominant that is more of a sadist than you are a masochist.

Detailed Pain Exploration

If there just isn't enough here, I have a expansive ebook on Processing Pain in Play

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