Romance gets lost in the rush of work, family, kids, and obligations but a romantic bath is not only relaxing, it can create intimacy between you and your partner. In Ancient Rome and Egypt, bathing in scented oils was a prelude to lovemaking. Giving a bath to someone else is not only romantic but a powerful service that can show devotion and commitment if done correctly.

Here are five very important tips to make sure you start out on the right foot.

1. Prepare the scene.

Clean your bathroom! There is nothing romantic about soap scum, hair in the drain or grit on the floor. Make the bathroom a priority when cleaning the day of the romantic bath and he or she will certainly notice. Make sure you have clean fluffy towels, all the soaps and oils and lotions you plan to use and the washing mitts or scrubbers are close at hand.

2. Set the mood.

Light candles incense if you like it and play soft romantic music. Provide champagne or other beverage. Shut the overhead light off, and keep the noisy vent off too.  Present yourself to your lover in a rope or other attire that you don't mind getting wet. Make sure the phone isn't going to interrupt you. Send the kids to stay with a babysitter for the evening.

3. Have the materials close at hand.

As mentioned before, it's tacky to have to get up and get something you have forgotten and will break the mood you are trying to set up. Have a basket or other area where you have gathered everything you may need to lovingly bathe your partner. I recommend a bath mitt, some luxurious bath bubbles, scented oil or sea salts.

4. Create romantic bathing rituals.

Pick up the book  The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit by Paulette Kouffman Sherman.

5. Continue service after the bath.

Once you have bathed your partner, help them out of the tub and offer to towel them off, apply lotion to dry areas, give them a pedicure or manicure. If further romance is on the menu, guide them to the bedroom and continue your sensual play there. Allow your mind and heart to guide you in your service and you will be rewarded.

Here are links to more resources for you to explore about creating a romantic bath.