If you and your Dominant like to host parties then a butler's book might be a great tool to make entertaining more organized, and fulfilling. Can't remember if John likes board games, or if Lisa has an allergy to tomatoes? Your own butler's book can house that information for you so that you can be an amazing host, time and time again!

What is a Butler's Book?

I'm not really sure why we call it a butler's book now, as the books used for household management by butlers likely have far more in them than party details about guests and decor ideas.

Each guest gets a page and as you get to know them, you fill it in with their likes, food and drink preferences and allergies and  entertainment they enjoy. Then you can tailor your gatherings to the people who are attending. You'd have more details on people you are closer too, like family and partners, and have less information on those you only see socially. But the book can help you remember all those details you might overlook.

Now, a butler's book isn't just for entertaining, as you will see from my example page below, but you can customize it to what you need and desire for your own house.

Here's my example of what a person's page in a butler's book might have in it.

Name, Preferred Name


Clothing (sizes, favorite colors, styles, ring/ankle/wrist sizes, storage of formal wear)

Contact Numbers   (family, friends, emergency/health)

Drinks   (water, soda, coffee, wine, liquor, other)

Education   (colleges, degrees, languages, certifications)

Entertainment   (TV shows,  magazines, movies, books, plays, restaurants, computer, games)

Family   (family tree)

Food   (favorite foods, meals)

Friends   (history of association)

Medical   (allergies, blood type, dates of last physical, glasses/contacts, hospitals, doctors)

Music   (genres, favorite songs)

Personal Care   (shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, lotions, perfumes)

Pets   (medical, names)

Political   (affiliations, group/clubs)

Religion   (food  restrictions, holidays)

Skills/Hobbies   (certifications, groups/clubs)

Special Dates   (birthday, anniversaries, collarings, deaths, divorces)



Care   (insert mini leather/toy care reference  here)

Clothing   (catalogue, favorite stores)

Club/Group Membership   (offices held)

Events   (past events, titles held, presentations given)

Play   (proficiencies, scenes, fetishes)

Toys   (catalogue, favorite stores)


Airlines   (frequent flyer #’s, preferred airline, seat preference: aisle, window)

Hotels   (favorites, prices, previous stays)

Packing checklist   (food, medication, clothing, care items, toys)

Travel Entertainment   (restaurants: opentable.com for reservations. shops, amusement parks)


What else goes in a Butler's Book?

You aren't limited to keeping a catalogue of your friends and collegues. Other ideas of things to store in your butler's book include, fine china and silver cleaning instructions, party rental company listings, DIY decor ideas, proper place setting for different levels of protocol, a formal D/s dinner plan, gift-giving wishlists, record of hostess gifts and so much more. You are only limited by your imagination and the level of entertaining you do in your home.

What would you put in a butler's book? Let me know in the comments!