Blank page fright is a real condition for any writer, professional or amateur. We've all been there with the concern of what to write at one point or another. One solution I've come up with are days where I'm really inspired I make a list of potential ideas so that on days I'm stuck I can just pull something out of my list and write on that. Well, I've made a shortlist here for you to consider as pages on your blog. Remember a page is not the same thing as a post, you'll want to link to it in your menu or the sidebar so you can refer to it frequently. The point of most of these page ideas is to help you with personal growth and submissive improvement.

There are several important types of posts that I personally believe should be included in every submissive journal:

  • A complete list of the rules and expectations your Dominant has set for you
  • A copy of your contract if you have one
  • A list of rituals and assignments your Dominant has assigned to you, with completion dates
  • A list of goals for personal growth with an action plan
  • A list of goals for improving your BDSM relationship with an action plan
  • A detailed explanation of your personal wants, needs, fears and fetishes
  • A completed BDSM checklist outlining your limits and what you will and won't do

And then these are fun ideas that you could add to give your journal character and express your personality:

  • A list of favorite websites or books
  • A list of favorite quotes
  • A collection of your favorite BDSM toys
  • "100 things about you" list

Now to you: what else can you think of to put in your journal?