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30 Days of Submissive Journal Prompts - Have you ever wondered how to use journal prompts effectively as a learning tool? Get the scoop as well as 30 hand-picked prompts for you to use in your own submissive journal.

40 Amazing Sex Tips - There are some specific ways to ensure your bedroom is rocking in the most pleasurable way possible for you and your partner. In fact, these are the 40 best sex tips Submissive Guide has put together. Even if you’ve already got a great sex life there’s always room for improvement, right?

2019 Resolutions Pack - A set of worksheets to help you target goals and resolutions with actionable steps and monthly actions so you can stay on target.

BDSM Books Worth Reading - The following is a list of nonfiction resource books that I recommend for every submissive. I’ll cover why it’s such a great book and worthy of this list as well as where you can pick up a copy for yourself.

Complete Guide to the Bullet Journal System for Submissives - In this guide, I will go deep into how the Bullet Journal system works and how a submissive can benefit from it.

Scene Reflection Pages for your Bullet Journal - Nine different spreads for you to use to write your own scene reflections and playtime memories.

Things to Consider When Buying an Anal Plug - An infographic on how to best shop for an anal plug.

A Submissive’s Guide to Domestic Service - Domestic service is not a chore to dread but a journey of self-discovery. This guide covers personal stories of submissives discovering domestic service and an in-depth guide to getting started yourself. From a home management binder, budget shopping, cleaning every room of the house and setting up to be a great hostess.

The Ultimate Guide to Sensual Shave Service - Personal grooming service is pretty popular for submissives who are into service because it allows you to get up close and personal with your Dominant. If your Dominant has facial hair, a simple and elegant form of body service is giving him a shave. This guide covers the tools you need as well as three methods for giving a shave that your Dominant will want over and over again.

Why You Should Be Tracking Your Habits - A habit tracker is a simple way to measure what you did for habits. If you want to stick to a habit, one simple and effective way you can do is keep a habit tracker.

Simple Steps to Introduce Kink into an Existing Relationship - How do you bring up the subject and how do you handle what they may say about the ideas you are entertaining? This can be a very nerve-wracking time for you but worth the effort you are going to put into it, right? This book will cover how to introduce this with your partner, but keep in mind you need to make sure you’ve done the work with understanding what you want to try or how you feel about these new feelings for yourself.

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