When you've decided to venture out on a blind date with a prospective Dominant you'll likely want to set up a safe call. A safe call is someone that is aware you are on a date, who you are with and what to do if you don't call on time. It's a check in, plain and simple. They have an important task though. If something unexpected were to happen, they'd have some information available to them and instructions from you on what to do.

Remember, this person is your "just in case" person. It's extremely unlikely they will ever have to use the information but it's important. So what information is important for your safe call person to have?

1. Your Information

Make sure your safe call has your full name, phone number, and address. They should also have your driver's license number or your license plate number as well as the make/model of your car.  Tell them what you plan on wearing also.

2. Your Date's Information

Give them all the information you know about the person. Where they are from, their real name and phone number. A description or a picture, the information about their car if you can get it.

3. Location Information

Tell your safe call where you are going, how you are getting there (including the path you plan to take), what time you plan to arrive and your estimated departure from the date.  Tell them what you plan to do on your date and how accessible your phone will be.

4. Set Up Code Words

If you end up in a dangerous situation or are uncomfortable you'll want to set up code words for your safe call. I doubt you'd get far with your phone conversation if the person heard you say you were in danger and to call help. So you might need to disguise it.

My favorite code words are "Fabulous Time." As in, "I'm having a fabulous time!" This could mean you are in trouble and need help. Or it could just mean, this guy is boring - call me back in 10 minutes and I'll pretend something urgent came up and bail on him. Come up with words that are comfortable for you to use and won't give your date any reason to question them.

5. Check In Information

Along with code words, you should have agreed upon times where you will be calling your safe call to check in. With this information, make sure you decide what your safe call person should do if you miss your check in. This could be as simple as calling you (hey, time can fly when you are having a good time) or calling the police if you don't answer.

These things may seem like a lot, but they could potentially save your life. Now, most of the guys you'll meet are going to be safe. But who wants to chance that one person where you wish you had a safe call? Stay safe, set it up and follow it. Every single time.