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I live a fairly isolated lifestyle. I suppose in comparison to some people, you could say that I live an extremely isolated life. It's not unusual for me to go days on end without ever leaving the house. I don't answer the door, I don't answer the phone. I see the things that make me leave the house or interact with other people as interfering. Annoying. They make me angry.

I'm perfectly content to interact exclusively with Master and the kids. And some days, the kids are pushing me. (please spare me the mommy guilt this time, ok?)

The more isolated I am, the more isolated I want to be. The more I rely on Master to satisfy any needs I have, the less I want anyone or anything to interfere with that. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that Master is my sun and moon.

Master planned it this way. The isolation forces all of my attention on to Him. And once I lost the compare and contrast effects of society... once the only person whose opinion mattered to me became Him... once competition became a thing of the past...

He became my God.

My days are simple. I have one objective. One goal. One reason.  To Please Master

And I do, I think, pretty consistently.

I came across this the other day, from Shabkar, Tibetan Buddhist Hermit. And yes I know I'm not a Tibetan Monk, so just cut me some slack here.

The ten benefits of living in isolation:

1. One's activities will be fewer.

I have very few activities outside of His needs. I clean His house, do His laundry, cook His meals, even take care of His dog. I attend to His sexual desires, His preferences. In all things. You could say my ONE activity is... Him.

2. One will be far removed from noise and distractions.

There is very little that distracts me from Him. What He wants, needs, desires circles in my head all day long. I don't have to stop thinking about Him for any length of time, for any reason. I have no work issues, no financial issues, no prior commitments, no schedules. Everything I do, every single thing, is done with Him in mind.

3. One will be free from quarrels.

We have nothing to fight about. Occasionally, I'll get in a snit over the kids, though that happens less and less. Of course, I have opinions, but as time marches on, my opinions get closer and closer to His. My thinking is in tune with His... and the very nature of being an object lessens my propensity to be a free-thinking individual anyway.

4. One will be free from harm.

I am free from harm... except what He causes me...:) More importantly, though, I'm free from societies harm. I'm free from emotional harm. I'm free from judging and being judged by strangers. I'm free to be who I am, every second of every day.

5. One will not let obscuring emotions increase.

My emotions are controlled. How emotional can one be over housework anyway? My emotions might as well be labeled on a control board, with Master pressing the buttons. He's only to look, or speak or even to stand a certain way... and I react, like a well-trained puppet.

6. One will not create causes for discord.

My daily/hourly/minutely objective is to please Him. I am not purposely causing Him any discord. There is absolutely no benefit in that.

7. One will always enjoy perfect tranquillity.

"Perfect" tranquility might be pushing it a little but it's coming. I do have a very tranquil life, and in turn, so does Master. We do not thrive on drama. He doesn't allow me to have hysterics or temper tantrums. And as more and more of my will evaporates, and more and more of His desires become my own, there is less reason to even raise an eyebrow, let alone voices.

8. One will keep one's body, speech, and mind under control.

My thoughts, my actions, my speech, and my body are all being shaped and molded. He is making me exactly what He wants me to be.

9. One will live in a way that is conducive to liberation, and 10. One will quickly reach complete freedom.

The last two... liberation and freedom. It would seem at first glance that I'm moving farther away from freedom or liberation as I move closer to being locked in a cage. But my own personal freedom, to be what I am.. to live it.. to embrace His domination... that's liberating. Free to wallow in our own depravities.

And this quote: "Solitary places allow even vulnerable beginners to foster their progress without hindrance."

In keeping me isolated, Master is protecting me from nay-sayers. From doubt and negativity. If the only seed planted in my mind is His, how can it do anything but grow? He encourages and guides me... us... constant and unwavering persistence to cunt in a cage.

I find that the fear is lessening. The anticipation is growing.

The isolation is expected to increase as my responsibilities to my children decrease. I can only guess that the effects will continue to rise, hopefully in a beneficial way. I don't think that I'll become a zombie, or a doormat or an empty shell. I DO think that I will become hyper-sensitive to His moods and thoughts... and extra-attentive to satisfying and pleasing the one person I have contact with.

Just imagine... how utterly strong my desire to please Him will be when I've spent 2 or 3 days locked in a cage with absolutely no other stimulation. How badly will I want His approval? How hard will I try to take what He dishes out? How completely devoted will I be to my God?

We are so close.

Once upon a time, I wanted a Get Out of Jail Free card. Now I want a Fast Forward button.

I'm not finding that isolation increases patience whatsoever.

My name is kaya. I’ve been a consensual  BDSM slave to my Owner since 2004. I’m a housewifecunt, a servant of both the domestic and sexual variety. Both my daily and long-term goal consists of one thing: Please my Owner. Exactly how to please him changes depending on his desires at the time. Some days I succeed; some days I do not. You can follow kaya's life at