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Is spanking or corporal punishment a part of your submission? Why or why not?

Looking back on yesterday’s post on discipline and punishment you’d think that there would a large component of spanking or other corporal punishment but there isn’t. Pain is a play activity - we use impact play a lot and I’m wired to get sexually excited by pain. So to have that as a way to punish me wouldn’t work.

So, KnyghtMare uses other methods. Grounding specifically. I have my privileges taken away; things like watching the TV, using the computer or tablet for anything but work. No snacks, no soft drinks, things like that. The one that I hate the worst is corner time. Physically pulling me away from what’s going on really hurts and feels 10 times worse if people in the know are present.

Going on to play I told you that we enjoy impact play - it’s one of my own favorite pleasures and I know KnyghtMare loves it too.

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