I talk about all sorts of things on this blog, sex being one of them that needs more coverage I think  - I am also all about sharing new books with you. But you may know that already seeing as I've reviewed over 20 books so far.  So when the folks at  Tickle Kitty contacted me to see if I wanted to review Dr. Sadie Allison’s newest book, I jumped at the chance.  Tickle My Tush: Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures for Everybooty is a lovely little beginner's guide to anal sex and play.

Trust me, it is a beginner's book. If you have any experience at all with anal play already then this book might be a little too shallow for you. But if you are brand new to exploring your or your partner's anus then you might want to pick up it up. The book is directed to cis-men/cis-women relationships specifically but I'm sure you can use the tips for any relationship mix you may have. Flipping through the book you'll first notice the fun and playful cartoons and drawing of tips, maneuvers, and positions. I seem to always enjoy sex advice books with pictures, but that's just me. What's more is Dr. Sadie encourages couples to try things for themselves and helps alleviate fears of hygiene and discomfort.

We all know that the language surrounding anal sex makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Unless you are in an anatomy class, hearing the words anus and rectum or even the more vulgar ones will cause some squirming. However when Dr. Sadie decides to post a list of "better words" and then uses them in diagrams of physical body parts they seem so very odd. When does anyone ever call the rectum the pleasure inch or the pleasure tunnel? It's likely that it was a way to ease uncomfortable people into butt play but I think it goes a bit too far.

I don't need a bunch of hand-holding when I'm reading a sex-aid book. If I bought the book then I already know what I'm interested in reading. I don't need it discussed as if I'm a child. I got the impression that this was more of an "Anal Sex for Dummies" book rather than a serious book about how to explore anal play with your partner. But then again, I'm not the average vanilla female. I'm kinky and I've learned to be able to talk about sex more openly and honestly. I forget that not all people are that lucky.

Ultimately, what I think this book is good at is teaching a clueless couple how to have fun with anal play and perhaps help them begin talking about some of the sexier things they fantasize about when alone. You'll learn basic finger play, oral and penetration. Those of us who are a kinky breed might need to seek other books to cover stretching, long-term plugging, figging, fisting and more. That's the advanced classes.

So, if you've never looked at your own or your partner's butt in a sexual light before - pick up this book. If you know your way around a bit you might be better served with Bend Over!: The Complete Guide to Anal Sex! but it could at least get the interest going.

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