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Foot fetish is a stable of the BDSM community and touted as one of the most common fetishes. It's hardly surprising: it's a versatile fetish, with so many varieties and preferences. From passionate and loving foot massages to hardcore humiliation with dirty feet and foot cuckolding.

The fetish lends itself particularly well to domination because the act of foot worship is visually and psychologically a very submissive act. That is not to say that all foot fetishists are submissive, but many of them are.

Learning to worship a pair of beautiful feet (properly) is somewhat of a dark art, especially if you want to experiment with the many different flavours of foot worship.

I've compiled my top tips from a lifetime of loving feet below. Hopefully, this will help you hone your foot worship skills, become a better slave and maybe even give you some new ideas for foot play.

How to Give a Foot Massage

Knowing how to give a good foot massage is the most basic skill that every foot slave should master. It's often the most difficult to do well but once you know how, then you can provide your owner with endless hours of heavenly pleasure.

The foot massage is also a great tool to introduce new partners to your love of feet, especially if they're new to BDSM. It's innocent, playful and most importantly – there's something in it for them.

Giving a great foot massage is a mixture of self-education and lots of practice. One place you won't learn is porn videos! Instead, watch reflexology tutorials, like this one ( on YouTube.

From my own experience, every woman is different and enjoys different techniques – some like firm fingers pressing into their soles, others prefer it light and some love having their toes squeezed from the sides – so learn a few basic techniques and then experiment.

Invest in some good quality oils and lotions and learn how to paint your Mistress's toes properly too so you can include this as part of your pampering routine.

Toe Licking Good

Some foot lovers get their satisfaction soley from foot massages, but if you're a hardcore foot addict like me then a foot massage is merely foreplay.

I love nothing more than worshipping a Mistress's feet with my mouth. Kissing her arches, licking her soles and sucking on her toes before licking between them.

These acts can get quite messy and disgusting, so try to worship gracefully and don't get sloppy – you don't want to taste your own saliva all over your Mistress's feet.

If you need inspiration on how to do this well, watch some lesbian foot worship videos online. They tend to be much more elegant than the typical Femdom male slave foot worship.

Foot Sniffing & Smelly Feet

Clean feet aren't really my thing – I love the smell of a pair of ripe, stinky feet fresh out of shoes. It can be harder to achieve this fantasy than you might think. My ultimate fetish goal is to find a pair of feet that stink so bad they make my eyes water and make me feel reluctant to put them in my mouth – but I haven't even come close.

Stinking up a pair of feet may be effortless for some, but it can be a real challenge for others.

Your Mistress may need to go days without washing her feet and wearing the same pair of socks, or maybe she needs to wear shoes without socks for a few days. Every pair of feet is different so experimentation is key.

One of my previous Mistress's feet never smelt, but we figured out that if I massaged her feet with body butter at night, the next day her feet would stink the room out. Perfect!

Dirty Feet

Dirty feet

If smelly feet is a bit too vanilla for you, then licking a filthy pair of feet may be more appetising. Getting a pair of soles dirty is much easier than getting them stinky but you should be aware that this can be dangerous.

You don't know what kind of germs you're letting into your body when you're licking filth from your Mistress's soles. If it's a big concern for you, then buy some edible dirt or use charcoal or cigarette ash. These are just as filthy but without the risks.


Are you a glutton for punishment? Don't worry – your foot fetish has you covered. Just ask your Mistress to walk on you like a doormat. You'll relish in the pain!

Again, this is another area that needs its own word of caution. Being walked on can be extremely dangerous, especially in high heels.

Start out slowly and lie on the floor and have your Mistress assert pressure onto your body with one foot. When you're comfortable with this, she can then step on you while offloading some her weight by leaning on a worktop or chair.

Only when you're completely confident that you can support her full weight should you attempt a full trample. Just because you can support a 5'0 petite woman one time doesn't mean you'll enjoy having a 6 foot Amazonian Goddess trample you another. You need to take it easy every time you play with a new woman.

Be extremely careful with having someone stand on your head too, this is dangerous – even in bare feet. Even more so in high heels, a little slip and her stiletto heel will be straight into your eyeball.

Trampling is actually very difficult for a woman too and it takes practice to learn how to balance on a slaves body. Those women you see in porn videos who seem to be carelessly trampling over a slaves body have actually had a bit more practice than you might think.


If you've been a good foot slave, then perhaps your Mistress will reward you with an orgasm (you lucky boy). You've surely come across footjob videos online – they look easy, right?

Wrong! It might be easy for you to just lay there and do nothing, but it can be a challenge for your Mistress. It's a tricky skill to master – every penis is different and requires different stimulation methods. I need to have mine stimulated fast, so this can get quite tiring for my Mistress's legs and feet after a while.

Learn to help by getting yourself worked up and letting your Mistress take breaks so you can stimulate yourself. These can be good opportunities for her to put her feet back in your face for more foot worship. I find it difficult to climax from a footjob alone so I usually end up with one foot in my mouth and the other rubbing my penis against my stomach.

If having a woman bring you to climax with her feet isn't humiliating enough for you, then it's compulsory that you clean up your mess from her feet with your tongue afterwards.

She'll love it, you probably won't!


On the subject of humiliation, a foot fetish goes hand in hand (or foot in foot?) with this kink and there are endless ways to incorporation humiliation play into your foot worship.

This can be as simple as just being naked and on your knees as you're worshipping your Mistress's feet. I love to wear a collar and leash too so my Mistress can hold onto me as I lick her feet clean.

Throw in some verbal humiliation for an extra kick as she tells you how pathetic you look on your knees licking her smelly bare feet.

If you're into hardcore humiliation, then try some public foot worship. This might just be a case of worshipping your owner's feet while she has her friends over, or you could go somewhere public and do it.

Fetish clubs are a good place to start because you won't be too out of place. For the seasoned humiliation lover, try it in a public park or street – just don't do it naked if you don't want to get arrested!

Extreme Humiliation

Then there's extreme foot worship, which is a little too much for even me. If you really want to feel worthless at your Mistress's feet, then be a good foot cuckold and lick her feet clean while she's with another man. Maybe she'll make you clean his feet too for extra humiliation.

If you fail to do a good job, a little face slapping with her foot or ball crushing will put you back in your place.

Eating the contents of a ped egg after several pedicures or swallowing a mouthful of your Mistress's toenail clippings is an especially degrading form of foot worship and will really test your devotion.

It's not for everyone – but a good foot slave will do whatever his Mistress desires.

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