Being introduced to a ball gag was a scary thing for me. I had always envisioned it as limiting my breathing and never thought to try it out before it showed up in a scene. The first ball gag I owned was small, spongy ball on a leather strap. It was small and I could open my mouth around it so there was space. It was somewhat comfortable for short time spans.

But no one ever warned me of the feeling of drool dripping down your chin.

As with other Perspectives posts I wanted to share with you how it feels as a submissive exploring gags.

There are plenty of essays out there about the types and uses of gags in BDSM play. They talk about function and appearance and tips on when best to use them for what sorts of scenes. How the submissive processes the feelings surrounding wearing a gag are something often left to personal blogs.

Physical Response

Gags are scary for most novices. They conjure elements of fear in even the seasoned submissive. That's because a gag can restrict speech, breathing, increase drooling and make your jaw really uncomfortable.  The safe, sane and consensual model of play could actually limit gag play because of the risks involved in removing speech and restricting breathing during a scene. But if you like to play risky then gags come in all shapes and sizes.

When I'm in a gag all I can utter are moans and groans which can be hot for some. I know KnyghtMare likes to try to make me talk and then makes fun of my utterances when they don't make sense. The attraction to them for him is the drooling. You can't help but drool when a gag is in your mouth because it changes the way you can swallow if you can at all. It's humiliating and annoying - which is also hot for some.

Emotional Response

I have to admit I have a mixed response to gags. The humiliation factor makes me uncomfortable but not enough that I don't want to use a gag. KnyghtMare and I have good communication so I know how to get his attention when I'm gagged. We always have a second signal if something is wrong.

Often I get lost in the moment. I feel so small, so submissive and sometimes used. It all plays with my head. Wearing a gag is never the only thing going on in a scene so my attention is split between the drool and jaw ache to the other activities going on.

Whatever anyone has told you if you scream behind a gag it doesn't always muffle it. Sure there are ones that will muffle screams like tape over the mouth or an inflatable gag but the open mouth ones only make screaming easier. My preference is for bit and ball gags.

What is your preference? Have you had a gag experience that you loved? Share it in the comments!