I believe the second kinky activity introduced to me after spanking was flogging. Since then I've had a love/love relationship with it.

Flogging is when a top uses a multi-tailed whip to strike in a swinging motion, often times rhythmically. The material that the flogger is made of varies as much as the sensation. Suede is most common, but there no limit to what material a flogger can be made from. You can find a lot of information online about flogging so I'm not going to fill this post with that sort of information. Besides, it's all geared towards the how-to and method of a flogging.

As with the other Perspectives posts I wanted to share with you how it feels for a submissive to be the receiver of a flogging.

The first time I was flogged it was a startling experience.  I actually expected it to be more painful than it was. The Dominant used soft floggers on my buttocks and it was quite a delicious feeling. Somehow I never thought that I could relax while I was in a session but he showed me that BDSM doesn't have to be all about pain. It's about sensation. The sensation that I was experiencing this time was stress-reliving and enjoyable. It was like a massage only better because it was turning me on.

Needless to say, I was hooked. Flogging remains one of my favorite activities and KnyghtMare is pretty good with one or two floggers (Florentine-style), and he teaches it in classes in the area.

Therapeutic Flogging

When I get a therapeutic flogging, much like the first one I described above I tend to use them to relieve stress or to relax. They are the easiest to escape the world with. These sorts of flogging sessions commonly use repetitive patterns, softer floggers and rarely any talking. I can very easily zone out and sub space is common in these sessions because I'm able to just let the endorphins flow and accept the sensations.

Flogging for Pain

Unlike therapeutic flogging, flogging for pain I have to work harder to process the pain but the reward is greater for me. I am a masochist and the pain goes straight to my pleasure centers once I've connected it to that. Flogging when done for pain has more to do with using harsher floggers made of rubber, hard leather and more. Knyghtmare likes to escalate the strikes and finds that my magic number is five. So he'll start soft and escalate up to 5 and then repeat. Other times he'll shock me with a startlingly strong impact. He wants that response to the pain so sending me to subspace isn't his goal here.

Flogging is anything you want it to me. It can be pain or pleasure, it can be warm up for other sensations or it can be cool down. It can be the "it" of a scene and so much more. Other forms of flogging involve smaller whips, a variety of sensations and whipping patterns. Honestly, anything you can dream is possible with a flogging.

Let me know...

What is it about flogging that interests you? Do you love it? Hate it? What other thoughts would you like to add?