So, you've met submissives and slaves online, their Dominant and Master counterparts but as you get to know them and how they interact you start to see the things they do blurring the lines of what you had believed a submissive was, or that a slave wasn't supposed to act this way, etc. It brings about quite a difficult and confusing time for novice submissives when they try to put themselves into a box where definition X might not apply to them, but sub-definition for Y does. Then they talk to someone else and neither X nor Y applies to them but some unknown before Z definition.

How do you keep it all straight?

For example, I call myself a submissive but people who have read my blog have called me slave, and also had people at munch groups call me a slave. I'm not comfortable with my definition of being a slave so I sit at submissive. Then you have people who read my blog and wonder if I'm submissive at all. The range of personal definitions is that varied.

So should there be a solid set of definitions that people can choose from? Other than the dictionary definitions that is; something lifestyle related that we can point to and say if you fit into a, b and c you are submissive, but if you feel more like d, e and f you are slave. If we had to come up with specific definitions what would be in your list for each label? What traits would you look for to be a submissive trait but not a slave trait?

I read on K's blog today about her issue with labels and her need to put people under a label in order to relate to them. She brings up a good point about definitions and labels though. In many cases, the character traits of one are not mutually exclusive to a specific label. What do you do then? Create a blur zone, of course. In this blur zone are all the things that can apply to both submissive and slave. This blur zone is so large that there is no wonder why novices have such a hard time learning what they are and where they can place themselves.

She asked for a dichotomy map to help her place people, but the problem with a dichotomy chart for submissive and slave tendencies, I think, is that you need a cube instead of a flat map to place people. Not only will people be able to place themselves in the right places, but also the right places for them.

That's why I try so hard to have people who read this blog define their own submission, but that submission is right. No one is going to do your submission better than you do. You also can't expect anyone else to have the same definition as you do.

Applying labels and using those definitions is practically impossible.

What do you think? Should there be clearer definitions for submissive and slave?