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There is no “proper manner” for asking for a collar. It’s not a common expectation in the BDSM community.

Some Dominants require that the submissive ask to be collared, others insist that it’s their responsibility to ask if the submissive wants to be collared by them.

If you are familiar with John Norman’s Gor Series of 27(?) books there are moments where a woman begs for a collar. You could try to mimic on of those descriptions. This is where I think the idea of begging for collar comes from, as well as the whole idea of collaring ceremonies and fancy submissive positions.

An idea I have if asked to beg for a collar is to treat it like a marriage proposal. You’d have a little speech where you pledge your devotion and what they’ve done for you or how you see the future with them and then ask them for the collar.

Another option is to come up with a long and drawn out begging session for the collar.

Still another way is to just come out and ask.

Has your Domme ever given you any clues about how this is expected to take place? Did you ask her? She can’t expect you to fulfill the request if she won’t help you understand what requirements there are for it - since it’s not standard procedure at all.

Here are some links to resources on collars and collaring ceremonies where you will find more valuable tips:

Good luck and congrats!