...and why you should stop fussing about it.

I've been reminded again today as I lay about sick with a snazzy summer flu of feeling like a failure or useless that I can't serve him and even worse when he brings me my medicine and tucks me in bed for another afternoon nap. So, I stopped feeling poorly about it and came up with 8 real reasons why Dominants take care of their submissives and why we should let them.

Why your Dominant takes care of you when you are sick:

  1. You are valuable - As property or as a person, they take care of you because you are important to them. They want to keep you in their life.
  2. Service is in a Dominant's nature - You may not know it now, but a Dominant isn't about just receiving what you do for them. S/He's a giver too and caring for you makes them feel good.
  3. He wants to take care of you - They want to dote on you and nurse you. After all, no matter what kind of D/s relationship you are in, they care for all of you; in good times and bad.
  4. The time to nurse you back to health is bonding time - Spending time with you when you are sick is another way they show they are committed to you.
  5. They appreciate what you do for them - You take care of them so often that this is a reward and way to remind you to focus on yourself too.
  6. You take care of them - It's giving and take. It makes common sense to have your Dominant care for you when you are always there for them.
  7. The sooner you feel better the sooner you can get back to your old self - Sure this one might be selfish, but it's sometimes the truth. They need you to be on your game so that the power exchange is balanced.
  8. My Master's favorite - "he wants you better so you can get back to sucking his dick" - This was the one that KM volunteered when I asked him for reasons he cares for me. I had to throw it in because heck, getting back to the sex is probably a reason that they care for you too.

There is pretty obviously a common thread throughout all of these reasons. Of course, they are just here to remind you that even if you feel bad about not being able to do your daily chores or serve him in the same capacity. Your duty is always to be at your best - and they care for you to remind you of that.

This works even if you are far away from you Dominant. Checking in on you is just as valuable as actually being there. It's a wonderful way to feel submissive - your Dominant nursing you to health.

What do you think?

Have you ever felt useless when sick? Do you feel ashamed that your Dominant has to pick up the slack when you under the weather?