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Education is everything. Here are the collection of pages that I find the information I use to learn and grow in my own submission and research for topics on this site.


BDSM How To: Wax Play

BDSM How To: Wax Play

I love wax play. It’s so much fun and something that is simple to do and also not extremely expensive, which is awesome because we all know how expensive toys can be. So, it’s always great to find a fun activity that isn’t expensive. Not only that, but the more colorful candles you use, it [...]

Polyamory Resources From Around the Web

Polyamory Resources From Around the Web

Every once and awhile, I get a message from a friend on Facebook or a reader asking me about polyamory resources since they know I’m in a polyamorous relationship. My usual response is give me a few days and I’ll get back to them after I go through my bookmarks so, I thought it would [...]

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The Best Resources for Littles, Adult Babies, and Diaper Lovers

About a month ago, I got an email from a reader telling me that she and her dominant are interested in the Daddy/little girl lifestyle and asked me if I knew of any other online resources other than my previous articles that have appeared here on Submissive Guide. Sadly to say, I didn’t have many [...]

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Research Page: 24/7 Slavery

When I research a topic I tend to come up with a lot of links to places that have valuable information. These research pages are a storehouse of those resources that crossed my path. I hope they help you in your own study. Web Links Living the Lifestyle 24/7 10 Principles for Healthy 24/7 D/s [...]

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Research Page: Domestic Discipline

One of the easier topics for me to research has been Domestic Discipline. There is so much information out there of all types on this sort of relationship. Much of it is terrible. I’ve weeded through a lot of misunderstandings to get to the truth. Here’s what I’ve learned. Domestic Discipline is the practice between [...]

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Research Page: Poly in BDSM

Polyamory in BDSM is a complex and challenging living arrangement no matter who you are. Poly and BDSM separately are entire worlds themselves so to put them together can only mean that there is going to be a lot of negotiation, communication and openness. No matter where you go there is bound to be discussion [...]

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Research Page: Electrical Play

I’ve scoured the internet for some ofthe morecompleteresources to do with a variety of topics. Today’s topic is Electrical play. In this form ofplaypractitioners use violet wands, tensunitsand othermore scaryelectrical devices in their play to delivershockto the scene. The difference between Violet Wands and TENS type units Electrical play devices, for BDSM purposes, can be [...]

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Research Page: Male Submission

Today I’m bringing together the resources I’ve collected about male submission and Female-led relationships. Much of what I found was porn, so it is needless to say that there is very little of substance about this topic. I appreciate that fuzzyP writes about it for Submissive Guide and look to any other male submissives who [...]

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Research Page: Collaring and Ceremonies

Just like the other research pages, this is my collection of links that I’ve put together as I read and researched a topic. Today’s topic is collaring and collaring ceremonies. I hope you enjoy. If you have other links, please share them in the comments! Collaring at Souls Haven Collaring Ceremony Pictures of Rick and [...]

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Research Page: Sub Drop

The multitude of essays and articles and blog posts I go through when I’m researching a topic rarely get shared with all of you, but no more. I’m opening up my research pages and sharing with you my searches for content on a specific topic so that you too can make your own opinions and [...]

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Research Page: Subspace

I collect a lot of resources in the way of links when I’m looking for information to write articles on. My research pages are a dumping ground of sorts of all the things I look at and that you may find interesting on a topic. This page is about Sub Space. I hope you enjoy [...]

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Research Page: Gorean Lifestyle

I’m constantly exploring the internet and online libraries for information.  Today I found a wealth of knowledge about Gorean Lifestyle. I personally can’t distinguish between online Gor and real life Gorean living so they are together in this list. Please feel free to leave a comment and add your own resources! Websites Gorean from Wikipedia [...]

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