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BDSM Basics: Staying Safe with SSC

In my earlier BDSM Basics videos you learned about being kinky and what roles you might like to try while you explore the great big world of BDSM. Today I’m going to talk about safety. Every new thing you try is full of risks, some you are willing to take and others you aren’t. So [...]

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The Best Resources for Littles, Adult Babies, and Diaper Lovers

About a month ago, I got an email from a reader telling me that she and her dominant are interested in the Daddy/little girl lifestyle and asked me if I knew of any other online resources other than my previous articles that have appeared here on Submissive Guide. Sadly to say, I didn’t have many [...]

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What an Alpha BabyGirl Is to Me

The more I research BDSM the more I feel at home in the community – I realize that aspects of myself that I always thought were weird and unacceptable are permissive and actually quite normal here. The more I research the more I realize that I epitomize some of these roles without trying. When I [...]

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Ask lunaKM – I Want My Boyfriend to be More Dominant in Bed

Hello.. Umm I don’t know how to start this.. You see I’m trying to get my boyfriend to be more dominant in the bedroom. I understand the whole communication part and we communicate great.. About other things.. When I comes to sex and telling him what I like I afraid I might scare him. But, [...]

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My Time on the Edge: Exploring Rimming

(Disclosure: I first published this on ) My first experience with ass to mouth sex was a huge surprise. I was playing around with someone, and I said something to the effect of, “kiss my ass” as a way to disagree with something he said, and he rolled me over, pinned me down and [...]

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The Master’s Gift of Orgasm

As a submissive or slave, there are a lot of things our owners give to us. To me, two important things that owners can give to their property is a collar of ownership and an orgasm and I was reminded about the second gift while reading. This is the next in my series of passages [...]

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Flogging: Getting Started

We sat in a friend’s living room as they showed us their collection of floggers. Each one a little different from the last. Some with more weight in the handle, some with thin tails, and still others were fluffy. This is what my introduction to kinky toys looked like. Floggers are a very common first [...]

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How to Ask for More Playtime

How to Ask for More Playtime

As a submissive, I understand how hard it is to face your Dominant and ask them to play, or have sex or what have you. When I was new I thought that asking for these things was a boundary you just didn’t cross. My belief that the Dominant was supposed to do things to you [...]

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How Far Should You Go On a First Date?

from the Submissive Guide Newsletter 9/6/14 When I was a novice submissive I was single and searching for a Dominant to be my playmate, my partner and my lover. I explored all the places online that existed at the time, many that do not exist now or have been replaced by better sites. I was, in [...]

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Sub Drop From Afar

Sub Drop From Afar

Sub drop is the feeling of hopelessness and depression that can follow the extreme rush of endorphins during intense play or sex if the sub is not cared for appropriately afterwards. Care varies from person to person – some of us need to be held and cuddled and praised and iced or hot packed accordingly, [...]

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Micromanagement and Macromanagement: What’s the Difference?

Micromanagement and Macromanagement: What’s the Difference?

Awhile ago, I was talking to a friend of mine and asked her if she had any good topic ideas because it’s good to have outside influences and she suggested micromanaging vs proactivity. I got super excited because, it’s an awesome topic. I figured it would be a rather easy topic to write about, but [...]

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BDSM Basics: Am I Dominant or submissive?

Whether you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey or another drugstore dirty romance novel and then decided to go exploring in BDSM or you’ve found BDSM another way one of the first questions everyone has is are they Dominant or submissive? It sure feels like a good place to start and I am going to help [...]

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BDSM Basics: Am I Kinky If…?

You’re surfing the internet one day and come across a forum of people talking about their sex lives. It’s interesting to you so you stop and read a bit. Just when you thought you were like everyone else, someone mentions something that you enjoy doing during sex and the responses are, “Oh that’s kinky!” It [...]

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Ask lunaKM – How Should a Submissive Act at a Dungeon Party?

Ask lunaKM – How Should a Submissive Act at a Dungeon Party?

Hi.  My slave and I are going to a dungeon together for the first time.  I’m wondering about how she should talk.  She has rules for talking with me.  But not for talking with others in the community.  I know she should be respectful to all.  But how should she address other Masters and slaves? [...]

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[Free Download] Creating a Drop Kit

[Free Download] Creating a Drop Kit

Here’s this month’s free download! I’ve put together some of the best suggested things to have on hand and to do when you experience sub drop! I hope it helps you in your times of need. Please download it, print it and share it wherever it may help! Download it here!

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No Stupid (Sex Toy) Questions: Episode 1 – Should my vagina be burning?!

No Stupid (Sex Toy) Questions: Episode 1 – Should my vagina be burning?!

Over at my personal blog,, I write a series called “No Stupid (Kink) Questions (NSKQ)“. I started it a few years ago because every time I stuck my head in a kink forum, I found serious questions asked by newbies and never really answered by more advanced kinksters. I mean, if you are proficient [...]

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