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Male submission – Financial Domination

Financial Domination is an area of BDSM which often elicits strong opinions. With other BDSM activities such as spanking and bondage, at some point after the Safe, Sane, and Consensual scene is over there is no damage done and things are typically physically back to the way they were. However, if a sub’s money is [...]

23, July | 9 comments

Male Submission – Selfishness

The title of this article may seem self-contradictory but submission means different things to different people and also almost all human beings are selfish to at least some degree at some point in our lives. Many submissives gain pleasure directly from the pleasure of their dominant and they are clearly not the target of this [...]

21, May | 12 comments

Male Submission – Foot Fetish

In this part 3 of my series of articles about Male Submission on The Submissive Guide, I discuss the role of a foot fetish. There are a whole lot of guys who have a fetish for feet, and while there are women who also have a foot fetish it is by far more prevalent with [...]

23, April | 11 comments

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Stop Serving Yourself: An Inspirational Un-Collaring Ceremony

A few months ago, I came across writing on Kinky and Popular called “An Uncollaring Ceremony”. The title caught my eye so I clicked, and I am so happy I did because this writing resonated something inside of me and caused me to think of my submission. It made me think about walls that we, [...]

13, January | 3 comments

What an Alpha BabyGirl Is to Me

The more I research BDSM the more I feel at home in the community – I realize that aspects of myself that I always thought were weird and unacceptable are permissive and actually quite normal here. The more I research the more I realize that I epitomize some of these roles without trying. When I [...]

2, December | 2 comments

Little Does Not Equal Irresponsible

The other night after dinner, I curled up on the couch watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yes, again. There’s a lot of My Little Pony in this household thanks to yours truly), and the particular episode I was watching really hit home for me. In this episode, Mr. Carrot Cake and his wife, [...]

1, December | 6 comments

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Ask lunaKM – Is he Ignoring me or has he moved on?

Dear LunaKMI am a novice sub who found her  first Master about a 5 weeks ago.  We live about 200 miles apart and have mainly instant messaged, telephoned and skyped.  About 3 weeks ago we met for the first time and it was wonderful.  He asked for my submission about a week into the relationship [...]

11, August | Leave a comment

Being a Little in a Long Distance Relationship

The other day I got an email from a reader who had a question about being in a long distance relationship with his little and wanting to know some ideas on how to make that work. Like usual when I get a question from a reader, I got super excited(because I do love hearing from [...]

29, July | 9 comments

Playing and Punishment from a Distance

If you’ve wondered whether you can enjoy kinky playtime with your Dominant in a long distance relationship (LDR), wonder no more! I am here to tell you that it’s entirely possible—and very enjoyable. While we were separated by a few thousand miles, I was very fortunate that my Dom was only one time zone ahead [...]

1, July | Leave a comment

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What Does a Dom Mean When He Says, “You Need Training”

What Does a Dom Mean When He Says, “You Need Training”

from the Submissive Guide Newsletter 10/03/14 When I was a novice (way back when) I heard about training a lot from the online conversations I held and the forum threads I participated in. In all the discussions I read, there was only one thing that was a common thread and that is that everyone had [...]

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The Year’s Best-Selling BDSM Books and eBooks from Amazon Voted by YOU

I love looking at my site statistics. I like numbers, especially numbers that provide interesting facts. And today I spent some time pulling together the entire year’s count of sales through from Submissive Guide’s links. I wanted to know what you all were reading! And boy is it interesting! Check it out and if [...]

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Most Popular Posts on Submissive Guide 2014

Most Popular Posts on Submissive Guide 2014

We’ve covered so much this past year on Submissive Guide. There are now over 1500 articles about submission on this site. Here are the top ten posts from the year. Which ones did you miss? Take the chance to read it now, tweet about them or bookmark them for later.   1. My Time on the [...]

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Communicating While Submissive

Communicating While Submissive

This is a guest post by Xiao Yingtai. Doms keep telling us that they’re not mind-readers, so we have to communicate. But it’s hard! Especially when it’s something they might not want to hear. The good news is that there is always a submissive way to say it. And you never have to compromise the message. Here is [...]

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Photo by University of Exter (CC by 2.0)

Getting started at the kinky buffet

I will never forget the feeling of “coming home” when I opened the door to BDSM. My whole being was able to relax knowing I was submissive and that I was not the only one. I was also excited beyond belief and felt like I had so much to learn about this new side of [...]

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Ask lunaKM – When stress increases my submissive drive crashes, help!

Ask lunaKM – When stress increases my submissive drive crashes, help!

Dear lunaKM, I’m fairly new to the lifestyle and Master is quite experienced. I enjoy everything that we’ve done and look forward to more. Until I met Master, I didn’t know I was submissive so this is a whole new world. I haven’t had any issues with following his rules and have been very obedient. [...]

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How I Balance Independence and Submission

How I Balance Independence and Submission

Are you a strong and independent person who identifies with the “right side of the slash” (as in /submissive or /slave)?  Are you confused by your submissive drive given that you don’t consider yourself to be a submissive person? When I wrote about empowerment through submission, several people contacted me to learn more about how [...]

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How to Keep a Cool Head When You Get Angry With Your Dominant

How to Keep a Cool Head When You Get Angry With Your Dominant

from the Submissive Guide Newsletter 8/23/14 I know what you are thinking when reading the title. How can a submissive get mad at their Dominant? Isn’t a relationship built on trust and communication going to run smoother than one that isn’t? That’s not a very good submissive behavior! No, probably not, but it is a [...]

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Submission in Gratitude

Submission in Gratitude

Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada is a weekend for celebrating the good we have in our lives and sharing it with those who are close to us. There is so much to be thankful for and this year, as I look back, I see the amazing abundance that comes to us in various ways, but [...]

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A Key To Slave Bliss: Contentment

A Key To Slave Bliss: Contentment

A few weeks ago, there was a vanilla event that I had the opportunity to volunteer with. It seemed like hundreds of people poured into the building to hear the speaker. There were some key points that he covered, but the one that stood out to me the most was that of contentment. He said [...]

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