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Understanding Safe Words for Safe Play

The adventures in the bedroom or dungeon are a lot of fun and you can get lost in the intense responses and pleasure during these moments. It is not without it’s own challenge of safety and communication. When the intensity of activities go up it’s not uncommon for tops and bottoms alike to lose the [...]

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Struggling in Submission: Introspection on the Fight to Improve Yourself

Struggling in Submission: Introspection on the Fight to Improve Yourself

from the Submissive Guide Newsletter 6/15/13 The most asked question from experienced submissives in the past few months has to do with struggle internally with your own submission, with your resistance to discipline and overall disagreement in a relationship.  It is of course, a natural progression of behavior adjustment and of introspection.  We all know [...]

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What is Primal Play?

This post is part of an effort to provide a glossary for novice submissives of words commonly seen across this site and in the BDSM community. Mr. Samsonite. Every group has one; you know, the guy who can’t show up to the play party without enough luggage to go on a two-week European tour? He [...]

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Overcoming Frustration and Anger as a Submissive

Frustration is a normal human response. It can get out of hand and escalate to anger if not handled well. As submissives we seem to deal with frustration more openly than others in the lifestyle. Let’s start with a definition from wikipedia about frustration. In psychology, frustration is a common emotional response to opposition. Related [...]

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What Does “Breaking a Slave” Mean?

What Does “Breaking a Slave” Mean?

There is some recent discussion of “breaking a slave” going on at the popular social network, FetLife right now. I’m watching it spread across the groups that I’m in and thought I’d not chip in to those discussions but share my thoughts and opinions on it right here. These are not the only interpretations and [...]

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