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Telling the Difference Between a Ritual and a Protocol

What’s the difference between a protocol and a ritual? Even experienced people in the lifestyle can get tripped up on this one, but there are a few basic differences that will allow you to rapidly tell the two apart. A ritual: Is an action that is repeated the same way each time, usually at some [...]

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What is Protocol?

This post is part of an effort to provide a glossary for novice submissives of words commonly seen across this site and in the BDSM community. High protocol, moderate protocol, low protocol, even special protocol; these words are all used to describe something that seems mythical to many and commonplace for the few. So, what [...]

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Submissive Speech 2: Personal Introductions

Generally speaking, the first time you encounter someone in a BDSM context you will likely have to introduce yourself. We’ve all heard that you only get one chance to make a first impression to make sure it’s a good one. I’m going to break this up into two separate sections. One for single submissives and [...]

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High Tea, Japanese Tea Ceremony and Formal Dining

High Tea, Japanese Tea Ceremony and Formal Dining

Throughout history people have been creating specialized rituals for different events in their lives from birth to coming of age, marriage and even death. Some of the special events that we are drawn to in a D/s bend are the more “everyday” form of formal behavior and on occasion, ceremony that comes from other parts [...]

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What is Situational Service?

This is a continuation of the series on the most common forms of service in a D/s relationship. The forms are: Transactional Devotional Positional Situational Today I’m going to talk about situational service. Situational service encompasses what I called conditional service. You serve only when presented with a specific set of circumstances, thus the situation is perfect [...]

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