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Male Submission – Foot Fetish

Male Submission – Foot Fetish

In this part 3 of my series of articles about Male Submission on The Submissive Guide, I discuss the role of a foot fetish. There are a whole lot of guys who have a fetish for feet, and while there are women who also have a foot fetish it is by far more prevalent with [...]

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Conquer Me Book Club – Week 1

Conquer Me Book Club – Week 1

Hi everyone! I hope that you have had time to read the first section of the book club book, “Conquer Me” by Kacie Cunningham. If you want to read the book at a later time, I suggest you skip this book club series – as I can’t promise their won’t be “spoilers.” Then again, this [...]

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All Female Submissives are Bisexual and Other BDSM Myths

The world is full of false truths. These false truths tend to be the assumptions of the uninformed or the beliefs of those who want to scare novices out of their wits. Many of these are because of a narrow view of the world or an inability to accept varying viewpoints. In this post I’m [...]

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