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Simply Service

This newsletter is no longer being produced. This page is an archive only.

A once-a-month newsletter/e-zine written for service oriented people, by service oriented people in M/s, D/s or Leather relationships.

Current contributors are all slave or submissive identified, and in real time relationships where obedience and service are necessary, valued skills, achieved over time. I have been fortunate enough to meet these lovely people all over the country, and have delighted in great conversations, where we sometimes agree, and sometimes disagree, but are bound by a mutual respect of each other’s choices. Occasionally, words from the “other side” might be included as well, as many perspectives will be represented.

Many current contributors are active in their own local leather communities, as well as maintaining relationships, homes, jobs and more. We know it can be a balancing act. We know it isn’t pretty all the time. We’ll be sharing our stories, tricks, tips, lessons learned (easy and hard), mistakes, and human foibles.

Every possible relationship combination will be represented, as this is about service, and can transcend gender and role orientations. Contributors are encouraged to write about issues they are currently facing, and as such each issue may go in a number of directions. The thought of “theming” issues has arisen, and is on hold at this time to allow for freedom of expression and creativity as this project finds a niche of its own. Philosophy, skill training, methods, and more may be examined.

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Yahoo Group: Simply Service
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Contributions will be accepted and reviewed on a per submission basis for addition into a future issue. Please include a bio, and any references you have and send submissions to

About the Editor
Linda “BootPig” Hall is a former Ms. Olympus Leather, President and Secretary of the Phoenix boys of Leather. She teaches on service -related topics, and in conjunction with Whipmaster Bob Clark on SM topics at events all over the country.You can contact her through email at:

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Holiday 2008
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  • The Matriarch of Merriment by Sazmira
  • Holiday Tips and Ideas by Danae
  • Holiday Traditions by Whipmaster Bob Clark
  • The Great Christmas Tree Adventure by BootPig
  • Gift Wrap Like a PorkChop by PorkChop
  • Making Croissants for the Holidays by Wildfluers
  • Also Tons of Holiday Recipe Cards!
  • Unconventional Service by Dusk Peterson
  • Making House Guests Comfortable and Welcome by Danae Carson
  • Not Trustworthy, Risk Worthy
  • SWJ2 Media Release
August 2008
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June 2008
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  • Rolling with the Punches by Joy C.
  • On Pigs by Whipmaster Bob Clark
  • Working Backwards by kate maripose
  • Is Slavery Real? by Darren
  • Productivity Tools
  • Training Outside of the Box by Bootpig
  • porkchops Rules of Bedding: Inside Info from a Retail Whore
May 2008
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November 2006
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  • The Path of Service, a Primer Part 1: The Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Disciplines of Service and Surrender by Mercedes
  • White Socks by Jamie Nemitz
  • Personal Responsibility in BDSM by ZooDirt and Kyphi
  • Community Service by Kassie
  • Nine Fold Path Seminars This Month in NC and GA
  • The Role of Slavery in Modern Society by mair
  • A Dominant’s View of Service by Mermaid Master
  • A Series: The Glorified Bottom by Kathryn_Tact
  • For Pig by BootPig
  • When You Say Nothing At All – Nonverbal Communication in the Scene by seri
  • My Little Sister Wants a Slave by Mistress Grace
  • Hope’s journal
  • Ritual of the Pipe by izzy
  • Service in Daddy Moments by Sean-Michael
  • Traveling with Master by Elegant
  • Brighten your World? Clean your Windows! by sweetkahi
  • Our Readers Write!
February 2006
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November 2005
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  • My Journey by slavedebbie
  • Community Unity by Master Kalan
  • Declutter 101 by Tante Jen
  • Metamorphosis by slave a
  • Naturally Polyamourous by Mistress Pamela
  • Essay by E Missy Hall
  • Intimate Partner Abuse in the BDSM Lifestyle by sequi
  • Ledgerbook Service by Jezzie, property of Anton
  • Eulogy for O by slave a
  • Pantheon of Leather Nominations
  • From the Editor and Letters
  • Humidity and Leather Toys – Flirting with Danger by Elegant
  • Time Management by Mistress Grace
  • Politely Encouraging Departure or “Go Home, Please” by sazmira
  • Reader’s Write! August Responses and September’s Question
  • Are you Experienced? by Kassie
  • Humility by sweetkahi
September 2005
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August 2005
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  • Grace in Service by Linda ‘BootPig’ Hall
  • Being Transparent for Daddy by slaveboi carlie
  • Aromatherapy Uses in Service by Tante Jen
  • Working with Speech Protocols by slave a
  • Rule of St Benedict Notes for use in Master/slave or service relationships by slave jean
  • Our Readers Write!
  • Consideration 101 by sazmira
  • Service does not always mean Serious by morgana
  • From the Editor and GWNN Bash Announcement
  • Southwest Leather Conference Announcement – Looking for PR reps
  • Luxury in the Bath with Tante Jen
  • Aftercare starts with Negotiations by Lady Wyllo
  • hope’s Journal
  • The Pitfalls of Excellence by slave a
  • A Life without Rules by Tante Jen
July 2005
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June 2005
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  • The Reality of Reliance by ZD, one of our rare offerings from the Top perspective
  • Hiding in Plain Sight by wonderwoman. Balancing your service relationship with functioning the real world. Children, jobs, and more
  • Psycho-Hostess: Tamed? slave jean Are you a Psycho-Hostess? A humorous, but real, look at how obsessive the service-minded can be, and how to reel that in and make it graceful.
  • Deconstruction of Bootblacking by Steven Hagen, 2005 Southwest Bootblack and IMBB First Runner-Up 2005
  • hope
  • Ritualizing the Ordinary by slave jean
  • Discovering Leather Care as Service by Sean Michael
  • Part II of the The Write Stuff: Written Communication in Service by morgana
  • Part II of the Mental Orgasm: The Phenomenon of Brain Sex series by Wyllo
  • Hand Signals as a tool of communication by BootPig
May 2005
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April 2005
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  • slave a is back with an introspective look at Presumption in Service
  • From the Editor
  • The Art of the Interview
  • From the Editor –Linda
  • Service Oriented and Protocols
  • If He told you to jump off a bridge…
  • Submission from Strength
  • New Studies Show Diamonds Cause Irritation in Slaves
  • Working Outside the Home
  • A Feminist Perspective of BDSM
  • Ritual Routine Recommitment
  • Head space, slave space, sub space and other places we travel
March 2005
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February 2005
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  • Living Authentically
  • Serving While Sick
  • A is for Alpha
  • The Symbology of Ritual
  • Earned Respect of Proper Manners
  • Bed Linens Primer
  • Welcome from Linda ‘Bootpig’ Hall
  • Catherine Gross. Servants Retreat 2005
  • How does your service rank? Using the hospitality industry as a reference.
  • Obedience. A slave examines the development of obedience.
  • The Basics of Resistance Management
  • The differences between submissives and slaves. Is one deeper than the other or are they just different??
  • Master/slave is not another form of marriage
  • Beginning to serve tea
January 2005
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5 responses to “Simply Service”

  1. nia

    Dear luna,

    I am very interested in reading these newsletters; however, I do not have Adobe Acrobat/Reader version 8 or 9 on this computer. Would you kindly include the link to download this software on the webpage?

    nia tiika

  2. lunaKM

    Sure! I’ve added it to the page, thanks!

  3. shyeyes

    I am a sub who has an emotional let down after being with my Master. I am trying to learn how to deal with this, but I am wondering is this normal? Also is there any way to better handle the let down after? I enjoy the whole experience and have only been a sub for a little less than 2 years now. The whole thing is so fabulous and fulfilling and I like all of it except this extreme down time afterwards. My dom lives in another city a few hours away so we spend from a few hours togther to several days and it is always the same as soon as he is gone I experience this grief or depressed time. I hope you can help or enlighten me on why and how to better deal or to lessen this. It is bad this down after but I would never stop being a sub no matter how bad it is. thank you, shyeyes

  4. Gina

    lunaKM – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I read the article titled “Living Authentically” in the February 2005 issue and it changed my life. Recently I have been dealing with a very healthy dose of loneliness (I’m in an LDR), and self pity. There are two paragraphs in this article that really helped me see things in a new light.

    They are:

    1. ‘What does it mean to live authentically? In a way, it means KNOWING AND ACCEPTING WHO YOU REALLY ARE. It means having the courage to live exactly as you are in a world that tries to compel you to be anything but that which you really are. It means tearing down the barriers that you have put up to keep the world out, to keep the world from seeing the real you. It means turning your scrutiny inwards, towards you own Self, to look at all the ugliness and unloveableness that you believe to be inside you. It means letting go of the stories and traumas and wrongs of our pasts that keep us in the past and out of the present moment (where bliss can truly be found). It means learning to love yourself exactly as you are. It means being painfully and wonderfully honest with yourself. Acknowledge the wrongs you have done to yourself and to others, the mistakes you have made. Own them. Embrace them. They have helped to make you the person you are today. Then forgive yourself. Make amends where possible.


    2. Acknowledge the beauty within yourself. This for me has been the hardest step to living my life authentically. i was right up there ready to accept the ugliness and the “bad” things that make me “me”. But accepting the “good” things about myself has been far more painful and difficult for me. But it is a necessity to acknowledge and accept the beauty as well. Learn to know yourself for the magnificent creation of God that you are. You are here for a purpose, my friend. my journey of service has not been about finding that purpose (although i thought so at first), instead it has been about just being willing and open and vulnerable to the Universe to say YES whenever that call comes up for my service. That’s it. That’s what it is all about. A willingness to say YES when the call comes, without needing to know the outcome in advance, without needing to know why, and most importantly, without needing or expecting anything in return for that service.’

    So, what did this say to me that caused me to refocus? I’ve allowed the bad things that have happened to me to keep me prisoner. I’ve decided that I don’t need to know how my biological parents sounded or acted or who they were as people. I am my own person with my own thoughts and feelings. I can’t let what happened to me when I was thirteen dictate how I interact with other people. Nor can I allow anything that happened after that to do the same. I’ve allowed the actions of others to not only hold me prisoner, but taint how I see other people for far too long. Also, for far too long, I’ve let other unworthy people’s opinions dictate how I should see myself. And it is time to stop. I’m not saying I love the person I see in the mirror. All I see when I look in a mirror is all the flaws and the ugliness. I’m too short, too fat, too many stretch marks, the scars, etc. I am never able to see past those flaws and see what some others tell me they see. But I need to stop hating what I see and change what I don’t like as much as I can on my own (or with the help of a personal trainer). I can’t do anything about the stretch marks or the scars. But I can change what they mean to me. They are battle scars of a life that I’ve lived and survived. Time to own them and love them for what they signify – a survivor.

    It is time to get my self confidence back. I am not foolish enough to think I can get it back overnight. It will take baby steps. And I have to realize that I won’t always be successful. I will falter. But I think I can make the journey now. I feel stronger than I did yesterday or even this morning. Funny how a few lines in an archived newsletter can completely open your eyes and change your perspective. If I had the email address of the lady who wrote this article, I would send her a great big thank you – she has changed my life.

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