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This area has submissive resources that will help you with your developing submission and the growth and enhancement of your relationship with yourself.

Here at Submissive Guide I try to provide a lot of information for free or low cost so that you can learn and grow at your own pace. The products I provide here are quality ebooks and reports on specific topics that have importance to a novice and experienced submissive alike.

Journal Prompts

This area is a subsite of Submissive Guide. It houses hundreds of quotes and prompts for your journals or blogs. I hope that they can help you think about and discuss things you may not have thought about. Feel free to post your responses on the site or on your own site. Link back so that we can read your responses!

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Simply Service

A ‘monthly’ e-zine written and produced for submissives. Bootpig started it a few years ago and I took on the volunteer task to keep an archive of all of the past ‘zines for others to read and learn from.

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As of September 2009, I started a topic-based newsletter sent out once every few weeks to focus on types of service and submission. These are sent directly to your email when they are produced. If you sign up now, you will get my free ebook  “20 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Submission”.

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Online Finds

Wonderful resources available for download. This list is always changing, check back often!

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Are you interested in browsing all the posts on the site? You can sift through the archives on a special page.

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