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Wants and Needs

One of the keys to finding a compatible partner and relationship is to know what you want and need from a partner, a relationship and life as it pertains to BDSM or D/s. Let’s get this figured out, together!


The purpose of this eCourse is to understand what wants and needs are and how to identify your own wants and needs. This is a self-paced course.

Who Can Take The Course

Anyone can take the course, but it’s written for people who identify as the bottom role, submissive or slave.

How Does It Work?

After you sign up you will begin receiving emails every couple days with lessons and information about the topic. You can do them at your own leisure on your own time. There is no homework to turn in or tests to write. It’s all about personal development; plain and simple.

How Long Is It?

Each lesson is a different length, but the course as a whole has 4 lessons.

Sounds Great, Sign Me Up!

Great! If you are interested, use the form below to sign up for the course. You should get your first email shortly thereafter.

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