Mentoring, self-help and submissive exploration

Starting Out eCourse


The purpose of this eCourse is to begin learning about BDSM and submission. You’ll pick up general definitions, learn about your wants and desires and draw up a kinky checklist. This is a self-paced course with a private group on Submissive Guide Community for support. You will also get 1 hour of private chat with me through the website.

Who Can Take The Course

Anyone can take the course, but it’s written for people who have little to no experience in BDSM or with submission or those who are fiercely curious

How Does It Work?

After you sign up you will begin receiving emails on a daily basis with lessons and information about the topic. You can do them at your own leisure on your own time. There is no homework to turn in or tests to write. It’s all about personal development; plain and simple.

How Long Is It?

Each lesson is a different length, but the course as a whole lasts 5 days.


I started to receive eCourses just a few days after my subscription.  I enjoyed these regular emails where she shares her knowledge and useful weblinks to help me digging into my sub nature.  What I like the most is lessons are not only about reading something. It goes deeper and will lead you to reflexion and soul-searching. Mentoring, self-help and submissive exploration : that’s what I needed and exactly what Submissive Guide eCourses are about.

- sub g

My online relationship has been a roller coaster of emotions. I had no idea what to expect, or if my feelings were unrealistic. I have learned from the ecourse, it’s suggested readings and links. And I feel more confident about myself than I have in a very long time. The most significant changes have been my attitude about submission. And the Q & A with my poly family, I have much to contribute! The “Starting Out” ecourse will help you to become comfortable living as a submissive. By identifying and celebrating this unique aspect of your personality. Whether your current relationship moves forward or not, you will become more comfortable and accepting of yourself.  

- faerdr

I feel one of the most significant improvements I have made is to communicate better with my Master.This course also helped me to recognize behaviors that needed improvement. It helped me to realize how vast and different fetishes and people are.  It has helped me to be a more accepting person of others as well as myself. I would tell [anyone] to definitely take the course.  It will help them with terminology, and give you a better understanding of what it is to be a submissive.  It helps to identify what ones own fetishes might be as well as hard and soft limits.


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