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Setting Goals eCourse

Everyone finds that setting goals is easy, just look at New Year’s Resolutions, but keeping motivated is hard! Goal setting is a focused way to attain what we want in our relationships, or personal happiness and our lives. Setting goals is the best way to achieve new heights in our submission and with the key methods learned in this course you will reach your dreams!

I put together this 5 lesson e-course for you to receive every few days. It will help you learn what goals to set, how to remain accountable, what tools are available to track your progress and garnering motivation.

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The purpose of this eCourse is to learn how to set attainable goals using tools and personal accountability to reach them. We’ll pinpoint a goal you want to achieve and actually start aiming for the stars! You’ll be doing a lot of the work, but I’ll be there to guide you along the way.

Who Can Take The Course

Anyone can take the course, but it’s written for people who are submissive in nature and are looking to improve themselves. You should also have some understanding of BDSM and submission.

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How Does It Work?

After you sign up you will begin receiving emails** on a daily basis with lessons and information about the topic. You can do them at your own leisure on your own time. There is no homework to turn in or tests to write. Of course you will want to do the course work if you want to get the most out of the lessons, but no one will make you. It’s all about personal development; plain and simple.

How Long Is It?

Each lesson is a different length, but this course as a whole has 5 lessons. Each lesson arrives a few days after the previous and can span up to 3 weeks for the full course to arrive.

Can I Get Assistance?

If at any time you need to talk to me directly, or ask me questions about the ecourse topic all you have to do is send a reply to the lesson. I get them directly in my inbox. It’s like having a personal mentor right at your fingertips! You can also join the Submissive Guide Club and talk to other submissives in the forums there!

Sounds Great, Sign Me Up!

Great! If you are interested, the course is just $10. You should get your first email shortly thereafter.

Sign Up for This E-Course for Just $10!

*Paypal can take 2 hours to notify me of your payment, please give the system 2 days before contacting me for missing lessons. Thank you!

** The email address you use for purchase is the email address that gets submitted for the ecourse. Please use an email address that you check regularly!

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