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Submissive Positions Handbook

Give Me 2 Weeks and I’ll Help You Learn Basic Positions That Will Improve the Protocol and Ritual in Your Dynamic!

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the elaborate descriptions of Gorean positions but don’t think that they are fit for your relationship- you’re not alone.

A Submissive Positions Handbook is a downloadable e-book designed to help you learn and customize simple, basic positions by breaking them into easy to understand steps that will revitalize the protocol in your relationship.

This is an expanded and revised version of the 2 Weeks to Better Submissive Positions series that was hosted on this blog in 2009.

Each section in this book contains:

  • Descriptions of the position from head to toe.
  • Practice drills to help you hold and transition from positions gracefully and effortlessly.
  • Ideas and ways you can customize positions to suit your body and needs.

Some of the positions included are:

  • Kneeling
  • Standing at attention
  • Transitions from standing to kneeling and visa versa
  • Punishment positions
  • Apologizing
  • Begging
  • and more!

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14 responses to “Submissive Positions Handbook”

  1. rick

    i am loving my new Mistress i am back into the lifestyle again it has been awhile. i have been thinking about submissive positions and what would be pleasing to my Mistress . i will need to get permission but would love having this book so we can learn together.


  2. ki

    Do you sell this as a regular book? Not one that I have to sit at the computer and read. I don’t have time to just sit at the computer and a regular book I could carry around with me and read here and there.

  3. ki

    Thank you.

  4. butterflythea

    may I suggest that you down load it and then print it off, this way you may carry it around such as a book.

  5. Springwillow

    Wow, thank you so much for putting this out here where it’s accessible 24/7. I could really use a mentor right now, that’s certain. I struggle against my opinionated mind, try to squash my rebellious self. Again, thank you!!!

  6. EarthGoddess

    Don’t try to guess what your new mistress might like. I know you are an eager sub wanting to get back into the lifestyle. Allow her to find her way and develop her style

  7. Ray Cord

    I’m feeling left out. So much of your work is for females. I’m a male sub. I DO enjoy your work! I’m hoping to read more about Dom women & male subs.I’m sharing your work with my Lady! She’s unsure about this lifestyle. Is it possible to include more articles about sub males? Thank you for everything thing you do already!!!!

  8. Alice King

    I will admit I am fairly new to following you and reading your blogs. With this in mind I must ask, are all the posts here written from a Gorean point of view or all they for all submissive?

  9. subs master

    can I get a copy (i live in the uk). for my sub. She wants to please and serve me well. I would like this to be a little visual and theoretical reminder, (when she is granted permission to access her approved reading material) of what is expected of her.

  10. subs master

    Thank you for your reply. I am sure my sub will appreciate her well earned gift.

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