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Processing Pain in Play eBook

Learn The Secrets to Better Pain Processing!

If every play session ends before you want it to, or you feel like you whimp out- you too can benefit from learning healthier more successful pain processing techniques!

Processing Pain in Play is a downloadable e-book that will give you the secrets to better pain processing for longer more exciting play sessions and meaningful, rewarding SM exchanges.

I was once where you are now. I wished I could endure more pain or that I could reach sub space whenever I wanted. And now I can. I’ve learned the right and wrong ways to process pain and can use them to better benefit each and every time we play.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The hormone cocktail responsible for how we process pain
  • Negotiating scenes for better pain processing
  • The positive and negative ways to process pain
  • How to learn a new processing technique that will work for you
  • The best way to process pain during play
  • What can interfere with your pain process
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What People are Saying…

I found good sub space!
After reading and reading and more reading on here, I followed advice on how to manage the pain.. and it worked! I was able to obtain good subspace. If was awesome. even my dom saw and felt the change in my body. He said he saw all the tension in my muscles relax as he caned me, starting with a small cane and working his way up to a large cane. I was ale to take much harder and more intense strikes than ever before. He LOVED it!

With each strike, I imagined the pain dispersing like a rain drop hitting a puddle in little waves, I concentrated on my breathing and found it really helped. I got lost ..and it was terrific.
Thank you for all the advice!
Wife of Talos
Sub of Spurs