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Submissive Guide is a site dedicated to helping submissives of all kinds get the most out of their submission. Part of the way we do this is to produce quality ebooks and Training Resources for Readers.

To this point we have many Ebooks which have been enjoyed by our community:

Pay What You Want

We also have a “Pay What You Want” Book Section. These titles are no less informative, but they don’t have a set price. You can pay what you feel the resource is worth, a suggested price will appear at check out, but you can make that any amount you can afford, and yes you can pick them up for FREE.

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Submissive Guide Books

Processing Pain in Play
Learn the secrets to better pain processing, how to learn new techniques and the things that can interfere with good pain processing. Reach subspace easier or surpass the pain edge with these tips! Excellent for Dominants and submissives! 49 pgs
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Guide To Your First Munch
Find a munch and help you get your foot in the door! Learn what to expect and more! 11 pgs
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Single in the Scene
Single in the Scene
Over the course of 10 essays, slave blyss shares her experience and understanding about being a single submissive and how to find joy in the moments as you prepare for a potential relationship. 50 pgs
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A Submissive Positions Handbook
An expanded and revised version of the 2 Weeks to Better Submissive Positions series. A detailed activity guide to learning personal positions like kneeling, standing at attention, obedience and punishment stances as well as graceful ways to transition from one to another. Flexible and versatile for any dynamic. 27 pgs
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The Conquer Me Companion
A study guide for use with your reading of “Conquer Me” by Kacie Cunningham. Developed to help you learn and develop your personal submission while reading an excellent book on submission. 30 pgs
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Lessons in Submissive Speech
Lessons in Submissive Speech is a downloadable ebook that will give you the tools you need to learn appropriate responses, how to address people and submissive speaking skills for a number of situations. 25 pgs
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Pay What You Want Titles

PWYW stands for Pay What You Want. It is also known as Pay What You Can, Pay What You Like or Pay What Your Heart Feels. Whatever you call it, the meaning should be clear enough, but I find it does confuse quite a lot of people – as it confounded me, once upon a time – so it’s worth spelling out:

I, the writer, don’t put a price on these books. You, the reader, set the price – How much is this book worth to you?

I can’t put it any more bluntly than this:

If you’re broke: Take my books for nothing. If you love them, then keep coming back – I’m not judging you. If you get lucky later in life, then you can chip in.
If you’re not broke: Think about all the other people you’re helping get these books by paying a fair price.

Solo Coaching Your Way to Better Submission

12 pages of suggestions and things you can do to get you on track with your goals and personal fulfillment.

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Physical Aftercare and First Aid Quick Reference

A 5 page cheat sheet to keep in your toy bag and dungeon area with first aid and care for common physical ailments that occur during play.

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Making Online Submission Work For You

This is a look at online submission. Compiled from articles found here at Submissive Guide, you’ll read about online D/s, the tools available to make it work and other struggles. Also, a huge section on online safety. A must read for any online submissive. 22 pgs.

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Your Wants and Needs

Learn about what wants and needs are, how to discover your wants and needs for a relationship, what to do with them and how to express them to your partner. Contains worksheets to help you work through your wants and needs lists. 24 pgs.

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Creating a Service and Training Resume

Make a training resume much like what The Marketplace may have used if it were real! A useful tool for developing your submission, identifying your strengths and documenting your submissive journey in a folder or binder of your choosing. Contains worksheets for each task! 28 pgs

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11 Questions to Ask Your Partner Who is Interested in Kink

You will have questions. It’s part of learning and accepting your partner as they are. I’d like to help you ask the questions that will get you the answers to thoughts you are currently having about your relationship, your partner and the new idea of kink in your relationship. 4 pgs.

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How to Write Your Own Submissive Affirmations

If you’ve struggled with creating positive reinforcement and motivations in your daily life and submission then writing affirmations and using them just could be your key to happy submitting! 4 pgs.

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Subspace Do’s and Don’ts

A short report on subspace and a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to your altered headspace from play or intense connection. If you’ve never experienced subspace this report might help you also to identify it.

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Learn How to Talk Dirty

Learn how to talk dirty with our partners! I know I’ve been tongue-tied in the past and after a lot of stumbling and giggles I’ve grown leaps and bounds and my sexual excitement has grown with it. Come learn the tricks and tips to get your mind in the gutter and talk about it!

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* A suggested price will appear at check out. You are able to change that price to whatever you’d prefer to pay for the ebook. All ebooks from Submissive Guide will be in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. Please get your free copy at this page often, as I will be adding ebooks as quickly as I can.

What happens if I paid nothing and now want to give you some money?

One of the big reasons why I do PWYW is so that people can pick it up and see the worth. I love that I can do that. But what if you’ve seen the book – and you absolutely loved it! Is there a way you can reward me after the fact?

YES! There are a few ways.

  1. The easiest way is probably to use my PayPal account to bump me a tip. Thanks!
  2. If you want to become a monthly supporter, you can become a patron at for as little as $3 US. These funds help me produce more ebooks, including more PWYW titles.
  3. Alternatively, you can just buy another of my books for real money! :)

Do You Have a Topic Idea for a Submissive Guide eBook? I try my best to come up with topics that you will learn and enrich your lives with. I’d love to know what you want to see here on Submissive Guide. If you have an idea for a topic that you’d like to see me write about, please contact me. Also, if you are a writer and would like to write an ebook for Submissive Guide I’m interested in hearing from you! I will gladly discuss payment for your work in exchange for rights to sell the product here on the site.


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