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Founded in January 2009, Submissive Guide is the only self-taught submissive mentoring and training blog on the web. With unlimited potential for supporting a new niche market of readers, your advertising can reach thousands of visitors every single month. Sponsoring Submissive Guide will put your brand in front of BDSM and D/s submissives, mentors, trainers and interested others.

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Submissive Guide started in January of 2009. The blog currently averages 200,000+ pageviews each month. There are 2000 RSS and email subscribers, 1800 subscribers to the bi-monthly newsletter and visitors spend an average of 4 1/2 minutes on the site. Submissive Journal Prompts has 335 RSS and email subscribers and receives 3,000+ pageviews each month.

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Submissive Guide offers a variety of advertising zones that may be purchased by the week or month in a reoccurring subscription via PayPal. Pricing can be requested via email. All ads are visible to non-paying members only. Paying members make up less than 5% of the reader base.

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This is a blog post about your products. Limit is 300 words and 4 images. Internal (deep) linking is allowed. This is a permanent ad placement as it will reside in the post archive of the blog and be subject to search engine discovery.


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