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One response to “The Role Sex Plays in a D/s Relationship”

  1. Calista

    Sex used to be so huge in mine and my Master’s relationship. Lately I keep trying to initiate but he almost never takes up. He says it’s because of severe back pain, which I understand completely, of course, and have been doing my best to massage it away, but it still breaks my heart every time he rejects me. It really really hurts. I don’t know what to do anymore. Before that even, the sex has been so vanilla for a few months. I didn’t have a single orgasm for over a month when it used to be nearly every session. There’s almost no kink anymore. I rarely orgasm during our time together and sex feels like a chore. There’s no more love making. I love him so much and I don’t want to leave, but I’m really struggling with this. I’ve communicated about this several times but he just keeps saying his back hurts. A couple of weeks ago after I begged him to use the handcuffs we had only two good sessions. After that, we didn’t even have sex again. I feel rejected. I feel like a failure as a slave and I despise my sexuality and how horny I am. I literally throw myself at him and he just laughs and kisses my forehead. I don’t even feel like a submissive anymore because he hasn’t truly dominated me in so long. I get no pleasure from service very often. I need help. I used to get so happy just getting him a drink. Now? It’s like he’s my boyfriend I call “Master”. I miss my Master.

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