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Mrs. Darling is the lady of what appears to be a traditionally old-fashioned household: a homemaker and doting mother and wife with her husband off working to bring home the bacon. Aspiring to be an all around domestic goddess, she focuses her energy on cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, and being the idealized 1950’s housewife. Each evening, when the house is quiet, Mrs. Darling hangs up her apron in exchange for a slave collar. She is living in a “Modern Day 1950’s M/s (Master/slave) household.” Along with her Master, known in writing as MR (Mister), she is on a mission to educate the general population about what an M/s household can really look like. She can be contacted directly at

One response to “Sample Master/slave Contract with Ethical Non-Monogamy Section”

  1. V.

    To each their own, but with all due respect, this “contact” needs a lot of work. Initially, use spell check! “Keeling to serve (whenever appropriate)” and “plutonic?” Why do you need the disjointed “O/ours,” “W/we,” “U/us” as written? It is hard to read; we get it, “He’s” your master and you are “His” sub, but you don’t need to spell it out with honorifics. The “rules” are so amorphous they can be twisted to say almost anything. For example, does going for a walk count for “exercise at least three times per week?” How about punishment? You will be punished for disrespect or disobedience, and “anything else Master may deem fit.” Anything? This should be a huge red flag! The punishment “will always be executed with full understanding of crimes committed.” This should be a D/s relationship, not a trial!

    This borders on abuse and almost nothing in the “contract” is consensual! It is a control issue. This post is titled as a contract with an “Ethical Non-monogamy Section.” I assume this is focuses on the “Other Relationships” section? It seems you (Mrs. Darling) were triggered at some point (abuse? affair? divorce?) and the enumerated paragraphs are very convoluted. I mean seriously, “Potential partners must be vetted twice as hard as normal” . . . or else it is a “DEAL KILLER?” The defensiveness in this section is dripping off each clause.

    Perhaps I’ve been triggered – but THIS is not how a healthy D/s relationship looks like to me.

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