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One response to “Feeling Like a Parrot: Saying What He Wants to Hear Instead of a Sincere Response”

  1. Gina

    I completely agree with Kayla. And I, like you, have been fortunate enough to find my Master right out of the gate and I love our dynamic. The major difference between your experience and mine I can see from this letter is that my Master never gets upset when I express my own opinion about something. We recently had a discussion about religion (he isn’t – I am). He never once tried to change my mind about our topic. Just posed questions/challenges to what I was talking about and it was a very engaging discussion. But no tempers flared and no one tried to make the other bend to their will. Master likes that I have my own opinions and we have deeper discussions than I have ever had with anyone else in my life – ever. Our discussions give him a road map into my mind I guess.

    Besides, isn’t it the role of our Masters (or Doms or Owners), to help us be better at who we are and not just mirror images of them?

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