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Kallista is an English teacher and author; she and her Dom dated for a year before they made the choice to begin actively exploring the D/s aspects that had begun to take shape in their relationship.

2 responses to “6 Important Activities to Include in Your Aftercare Routine”

  1. Eva Secret

    Amazing list. I start recently on BDSM and sometimes is really difficult for me to be confident after having sex…but with this list I think I understand better this difficulty. Thanks a lot for your articles….

  2. Aeden

    I have an aftercare robe. It’s black, soft, and super comfy. I highly recommend something physically soft and soothing such as a fuzzy blanket, silk sheet, or such to wrap up in to make you feel safe and comfortable. After really intense scenes, I know a lot of subs/bottoms tend to get cold, so wrapping up in something warm, soft, and fuzzy will help out on several levels.

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