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2 responses to “When Journaling Gets Hard – How Depression Affected Our D/s Dynamic and How My Journal Helped Bring Us Back Together”

  1. liserlou

    Elle, thank you for sharing. Great writing. do you ever find that things you are sharing in your journal should instead be shared directly with your Master? i just recently started journaling (November) and this morning i was wondering about this. i don’t want the journal to be my “go to”, Boss has always been my “go to” and i don’t want to lose that. we are in a LDR and we currently only see each other about 4 times a year. i over think everything to the extreme and the journal gives me a place to get those thoughts out of this head.

  2. Elle

    Hi Liserlou, thank you for your insight. I think you make some really good points about journalling – how it can be used in different ways.
    You’re so right. Your Dominant, your Boss, is your ‘go to’. That’s how it should be.
    Journalling is simply a tool, and it can be used in so many different ways.
    You can share your journal directly with your Dominant, if that works for you both. I think this is really helpful in LDRs like yours. You can spill yourself – your thoughts, feelings, emotions – onto a page and share that with your’s a great way to develop intimacy and understanding.
    You can also use a journal,for yourself, to develop self-awareness and understanding. You say that you have a tendency to overthink, well a journal gives you the space to do that, to unravel your thoughts, to let everything spill out, and then to look for those little grains of wheat in the chaff. Journalling can help you understand yourself a little better.
    There are no,rights and wrongs with this, and the best thing is to experiment to find what works for you and your dominant. Good luck! Xx

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