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2 responses to “Regaining Trust – He Cheated and I’m Not Over It Yet”

  1. Rachel

    Yes, alot of comunication is important. Been through this and it really hurts feels like your heart is ripped from your body. My Daddy/husband and I have been married for over 20 years. And i know he loves me and people aren’t perfect and I forgave him. And I don’t think about it and we live our lives and are happy, but then some days it does creep up when Im reminded of something, I think that is just normal.

  2. castle

    When I’ve had issues with broken trust where it seems like the issue keeps creeping up even after it’s been addressed and I’ve chosen to stay, I have done what I call a forgiveness ritual. I meditate, trying to let surface all hurts/issues blocking my submission. Then, I write down, “This one forgives Master for…,” read it out loud, let it sink in, then burn the paper. Every time it comes up, I repeat the forgiveness because that’s the choice I’ve made, to forgive and not let it block my submission. You have to decide your relationship is more important. This has worked to help me let go of a number of hurts/issues.

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