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2 responses to “Born Again into Kink: Discovering Kink at Middle Age”

  1. FatherJon

    I was in my late 40s before I could give real expression to my kink, namely bare bottom spanking of adult women with the urge.

    I give full credit to the internet for bringing me together with many women who shared my kink.
    I just wish I’d been 20 years younger. Never mind, I’ve had lots of fun travelling around Australia staying with women and spanking them, and I’m not done yet :-)


  2. Rose Bliss

    I really took exception with this question:

    ” people who suddenly “found themselves ” at the ripe age of 40 . I wonder why a persons sexual makeup only came out now ? How could you not know you were different growing up ?”

    Clearly this person doesn’t know much about either human behavior or history.

    If they considered this the “ripe age”, then I must have been over-ripe when I finally discovered D/s and BDSM at age 62. Did that mean I didn’t know I was different when I was a kid and into my 20′s and 30′s? Of course not, I just didn’t know there was a name for it. And for many women my age, we were brainwashed into believing that sex had one purpose only, and that was to become pregnant. But you weren’t suppose to enjoy it or desire it, even my mother instructed me to just stay still and endure it and will be over quickly. Although my mother was a sexy woman and she dressed sexy, she hated anything to do with sex.

    Once I finally accepted the fact that I had been lied to all those years, I was finally able to start to enjoy sex for the first time in my life. Sex education in the 60′s was pretty much non-existent. And there was a lot of guilt and shame piled on us, never let anyone touch you until your married and only then for procreation. Keep covered up, wear a bra, panties and girdle, never let your bra strap show, or your slip, keep your knees touching each other always, don’t wear your skirts too short and on and on and on. Even after I married those guilt tripped teachings echoed in my head.

    So I found this question very judgmental. The person who didn’t have to deal with this narrow minded teachings is indeed fortunate, but please don’t judge those of us who are still struggling against them.


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