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One response to “Beyond Limits: The Illusion of Safety”

  1. Keith Smith

    This was a very interesting if lengthy article. When I came across the word manipulation that raised a red flag with me. To my way of thinking manipulation should not be part of the scene at all. The way I read that word sounds like coercion, abuse. I am a submissive who loves hard Impact Play. People who play or scene with me know this. I have Dominants who play with me who really like to play hard. We both receive enormous satisfaction from our sessions. Nothing happens in a session that violates my trust in the Dominant. I do like my limits to be tested and extended. The mind does play tricks with us. This has been called mind fuck. The last time the Dominant was using a sjambok on me I looked behind me. When I saw how far back she was standing with that very formidable sjambok in her hand I thought wow whoever is to receive that is in for a very hard time! My mind did not register that it was to be me receiving it. Instead I thought of myself as being an observer. I like, indeed only want, a very experienced Dominant to play with me. Then I can really relax and know that my safety is entirely in their hands and greatly enjoy the experience. I know that I will not be permanently harmed or that my personal limits will be violated. There have been times when I have wanted the session to carry on. I wanted more. Very wisely the Dominant knew that it was time to stop. I was so out of it that I did not realise that it could be hazardous for the play to continue.

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