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One response to “I’m Worried I’m Not Enough for My Dominant”

  1. Mary Kate Hagler

    GREAT advice! In my opinion if, in over a decade, he hasn’t complained about not being able to fully unlease his sadistic side, I doubt the new sub would be her replacement. The way this letter was written makes me think that she is currently very insecure in her relationship and that bringing in a new sub would only be disastrous. The way she speaks, I don’t think this relationship could ever support a third party and that the best option would be to find a play partner for parties only. What gets me is that she seems to be completely confident in his love for her. In my experience, you don’t throw away over a decade of love and companionship simply because you can’t fully explore one of your kinks.

    I hope she takes your advice and opens up to her Master. I have a feeling the moment she does, he’ll immediately stop the sub search and focus on her. She and they will be a whole lot better for it.

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