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4 responses to “I’m Afraid of My Long Distance Dom”

  1. jo126

    He sounds like an abuser and not only should he stop, maybe consider warning others about him too.

  2. Keith Smith

    Very good advice here. What this person has described is abuse. Please get rid of him. Yes threaten him with police and if he does not back off do get the police involved. There are plenty of strict loving Doms out there.

  3. Mary Kate Hagler

    Wow. My heart goes out to this woman. Like another person said before me, this “Dom” is nothing more than an abuser and scam artist. What got me was the part about “staying in favor” and that makes it seem like she isn’t the only woman this guy is scamming. Odds are, this guy will not like the fact one of his sources of money is about to dry up and will attempt to use the nude photos as leverage. If he does this, I truly hope she goes to the police and have him charges with fraud and blackmail. While it may hurt to do this, she’ll come out of this experience stronger and smarter. Plus, she’ll very possibly save other women that are too scared to stand up to this guy.

    This is a situation I would really like to know the outcome to so if at all possible, an update, if/when thete is one, would be wonderful. I know I’m going to worry about her and hope she’s okay.

  4. Johanna moon

    His behavior is abusive. As some who is naturally submissive I felt I had to stay in an abusive relationship. Abuse is not about power exchange…it is about power over someone. The response is correct… He is not worthy of your submission. Your submission is a GIFT, something earned not something taken. You are worthy of a Dom who understands this and will not demand your submission. Please get out of this relationship. Go to the police, get help at a Domestic Violence shelter. Take care of you right now and end it.

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